Some inspiration for creating wonderful newsletters

If you've read our articles about creating newsletters, it might be about time to become an expert on emailing by discovering a whole lot of fresh, new and well thought-out ideas! 

We have put together a selection according to your professional context: exhibitions, arrival of new artworks, discovery of a new artists.

Here you will find a few content ideas, but above all inspirations for pleasing graphic design that will maybe influence your upcoming emailing campaigns.

Keep your collectors informed!

In order to keep your collector engaged, think about regularly sending them updates about you gallery, what art fairs you might be attending, any new milestones etc. They might be very editorial in style and slightly text heavy if you have a lot to talk about, or you could keep them very visual and illustrate your emails with artworks from your gallery.

Talk about your artworks and artists

This type of newsletter is sent for commercial purposes. It allows collectors who have not recently been to your gallery, website or artsper page to know which artists you're working with and what works are currently available.

The following three templates showcase the variety of ways in which products and artworks can be presented in a newsletter:

Let collectors know about exhibition openings

You are about to open a new exhibition? Do not forget to invite a select few to the opening. Send them an invitation they won’t forget! For the rest of your contacts, it's also important to send them an email letting them know that a new exhibition has opened.

Send emails to highlight important events in the calendar year

Remember to communicate for important events in your calendar, by developing specific emails adapted to current events: Christmas, New Year’s, winter holidays, Easter, etc

Here are three 3 examples of how brands have communicated at different times of the year.  

If you're always on the look out for more inspiration, we highly recommend visiting Really Good Emails. You'll find hundreds of real life examples that will help you generate the new ideas you need to keep your emails looking great!

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