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If, like Artsper, online platforms are allowing you to continue to have visibility and make sales, it is not always easy to know how to deliver the works. Which courier is reliable at the moment? Is it possible to ship abroad? And if so, are there significant delays? So many questions and so few concrete answers. In order to reassure you, our team has listed all the necessary information for sending artwork. Artsper remains 100% operational and active, so if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to assist you.

1. Aim for perfect packaging

If you decide to deliver the artwork yourself, remember to follow these steps for successful packaging:


● Pre-wrap the artwork with tissue paper

● Next, use bubble wrap to protect the artwork

● Protect corners and edges with foam

● Place the artwork in a crate. We recommend you opt for cardboard crates supplied by our partner Sofrapack: these are as strong as wood, but much lighter and less expensive.

● If the artwork is rolled up, place it inside a reinforced mailing tube

● Fill any remaining empty space in the crate with foam pieces to keep the artwork from moving around and getting damaged in the crate during transit

● Close the crate and wrap string or tape around it to prevent it from opening


If you choose a carrier that doesn’t specialize in artwork shipping, bear in mind that they may not handle your package in the same way as you would. So, if you opt for this type of service, make sure you spend longer on your packaging.


Take advantage of our selection of carriers to make your deliveries easier.


And remember that any artwork sold with a certificate of authenticity must be delivered with this certificate.

2. Choose the right carrier

Carriers fall into two categories: general carriers and specialized carriers. The services offered by each of them depends on your chosen price range. You can take advantage of premium services, such as professional packing of your artworks and management of customs formalities, or simply opt for the standard service. In most cases, the standard service will give you access to a complete and efficient service (including customer care, package tracking and insurance).

The Artsper team recommends that you select the most suitable carrier for your type of artwork. If your artwork isn’t particularly fragile, or doesn’t have a frame or protective glass, you can use a non-specialist carrier without too much risk. However, if your artwork is a bronze sculpture, for example, it may be preferable to use the services of a specialized carrier.

3. Track your shipping progress

When you sell your artworks online, they may have to travel long distances. It’s up to you to ensure that they are shipped properly so that the delivery is successful and the collector is satisfied. By tracking the shipping progress of your artwork, you’ll maximize the chances of your package arriving safely and on time. This really isn’t a difficult task, as the carriers themselves have made it easier, and most of them let you track your artwork online. So, if your package gets stuck somewhere along the way, you can respond quickly and resolve the issue.

Remember: poorly packaged artwork runs the risk of being damaged, even when shipped by a good carrier. Always opt for high-quality packaging.

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