Partner Gallery Interview: Art Gallery Pure

Meet Julia Ross, founder of Art Gallery Pure. A unique gallery that works between creativity and activism, Pure donates a portion of all sales to charity.

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Could you briefly introduce your gallery? 

Art Gallery Pure is an American art gallery featuring international artists. The gallery is managed and curated by artists, with a percentage of art sales being donated to charity.

Julia Ross in front of an artwork from Art Gallery Pure

What drove you to start Art Gallery Pure? Can you tell me more about your mission? 

The gallery provides a platform for supporting artists and charitable causes by giving back through art purchases. 10% of the gallery’s proceeds are donated to charity. 

Through the purchase of fine art, art collectors and artists are provided with new ways to give back.

What's one benefit of being a next generation gallery?

Online galleries can be assets, such as which promotes women artists, that focuses on social  integration, or, featuring design trade offers and multiple exhibits.  Virtual exhibitions have provided incremental revenue for the gallery during forced closures due to the pandemic.

Digital networks and platforms we established have grown, enabling our gallery new channels with strategic partnerships such as Artsper.

How do you choose your artists and select the artworks you showcase?

The artists creating the artwork are the origin of the energy which will later reside in the art collectors space. I find good souls who create inspiration.

Art is an extension of energy.

The interior of Art Gallery Pure in Plano, Texas

What are your current and future projects? How do you see Art Gallery Pure growing in the coming years?

We will continue on the path we are on. Slow and steady growth through the development of our online network is our focus, while building on shared gallery and commercial space within environments we curate for art exhibits. 

How do you connect with both young collectors and art lovers? What’s your communication strategy?

We believe art is healing. It is an extension of energy. We develop new channels to enable the discovery of both established and emerging art collectors. 

"Elephant", Aron Kapembeza, 2020

You joined Artsper rather recently, what pushed you to take this step?

Artsper began talks with our gallery in 2019. We watched the direction of international platforms and believe that Artsper integrates well within our network. We have a large collection of works onsite, which we continue to upload to the platform via the mobile app. 

The staff continues to provide us with opportunities to promote artwork to an active group of art collectors.

How can online sales be a support for art galleries, especially in these difficult times? How does Artsper help you on a daily basis?

Established networks of art collectors on Artsper review works promoted by the platform. It helps us to see responses by country to particular artists, popular works, and then work with artists to build collections of influence.  

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