Master the art of shipping artworks

Tips to make quick and norm-abiding art shipments

When you make a sale on our platform, your gallery must guarantee the artwork’s shipment until delivery to the collector. It is up to you to mindfully check the transportation and to make sure that it is done without damage and in time. As of recently, Artsper has reinforced the automatic process and rigor of the shipment stages of sold works, thus allowing you to follow the dispatch meticulously.

Pay attention to the packaging of the pieces to prevent any damage and returns

The first cause of complaint from buyers in their right of retraction is the reception of an artwork that has been damaged by transportation.

From the moment you sell a work on Artsper and confirm its availability, you will receive an e-mail with packaging guidelines that will ensure you ship the package according to the norms. A package that respects these instructions may be costly but it guarantees the work arrives in perfect state.

Faultless packaging supposes several steps :

  • Pre-package the artwork in silk paper
  • Next, use bubble wrap to protect the piece
  • Protect the edges with foam
  • Insert the artwork in a case. We recommend you opt for our partner Sofrapack’s cardboard crates : they are as solid as wood, much more light and less expensive.
  • If the artwork is rolled up, insert into a resistant tube
  • If there is vacant space in the case, stuff it with foam in order to keep the artwork from moving and becoming damaged during transportation
  • Close the case and wrap it with string to prevent it from opening

Supply a certificate of authenticity and a receipt to respect Artsper conditions

Collectors put a lot of importance in the certificate of authenticity and receipt when buying art online.

The new Artsper shipment system is very attentive to the rigor of the required authenticity documents for works sold online. From now on, all information related to the shipment of the work must be comprehensive and will only be validated after the receipt has been uploaded (and not the delivery form). In fact, we insist to all our partners on the importance of the receipt, and of providing it in digital PDF form edited by the gallery. In this way, we ensure that, together, a rigorous follow-up of sales on our platform and prevent complaints from collectors.

Making sure that our partner galleries consistently provide a certificate of authenticity for every package is also a very important point of our policy. It is mandatory to attach a printed certificate of authenticity for the artwork that responds to certain criteria. Once the buyer has received the piece, he or she confirms or invalidates the reception state of the packet and the presence of a certificate of authenticity. It is only after this last phase has been validated that we trigger the refund of your sale.

Follow the shipments steps with attention to acquire buyer’s loyalty.

The different stages of shipment being numerous, it is crucial that you follow them closely to ship your artworks in time.

Just like for sending artworks sold in your gallery without Artsper as an intermediary, it is imperative that you follow the advance of the shipment process and ensure that the artwork is not blocked at customs or not delivered. The new functions of the shipment managing system offers an option to acknowledge the receipt of the artwork. If every step is validated in time, shipment will be fast and our clients satisfied and loyal.

Kenza Zidi

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