A guide to hassle-free shipping

Shipping costs are added to the price of each artwork, so they are a key factor in the collector's buying decision. This is why Artsper provides you with a shipping cost estimator, designed to make your life easier!

Here are some tips to help you manage your shipping costs:

1 - Know your prices

Once the details about your artwork have been completed, Artsper asks you to enter its dimensions:

Using this information, we can then give you an estimate of the shipping cost, based on UPS and DHL price scales. Obviously, as these prices are estimates, the final price may be slightly different.

If you don’t wish to use these carrier companies, you’re free to choose another carrier (read our article about choosing carrier companies here) and enter the amount of the shipping cost.

However, bear in mind that if the shipping cost is too high, this could discourage the collector from completing their purchase. This is why we display gauges on the right-hand side of the shipping cost amount:

- Green: OK
- Orange: low risk
- Red: high risk*

*Based on shipping costs as a percentage of the total price
For the sceptics among you, rest assured that Artsper doesn't take any commission on shipping costs!

2 - Use shipping costs to your commercial advantage

Damaged artwork is the main reason why our collectors return items. So don’t think twice about paying a bit more to make sure your artwork arrives intact!

And lastly, don’t be afraid to make a goodwill gesture! More and more galleries are offering free international shipping and are recognizing the commercial benefits.

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