Looking back at 2017

The year 2017 has been full of changes and record breaking for Artsper! Here's our retrospective, a little look back at all the highlights of the year.

First of all, we'd like to thank you for your trust and support you've given us throughout the year. It's thanks to you that Artsper can continue to improve.

The year in numbers

100% increase in the sales
1500 partner galleries
60,000 artworks online
Artworks sold in 22 countries

Fundraising and rapprochement with Beaux Art

The year started well with a round of fundraising of 2 million euros from Frédéric Jousset, co-founder of Webhelp and the owner of Beaux Arts magazine. This allowed Artsper not only to invest in many projects but also create a close partnership with Beaux Arts Magazine through many collaborations.

Opportunity for collectors to negotiate

We launched the "Make an Offer" feature that allows collectors to negotiate the price of the work as they would in the gallery, except that on Artsper, in order to make an offer the collector makes his offer by making a payement, that way you can be sure of the customer's interest in your work. This new feature has helped increase the number of sales on Artsper this year.

Website redesign

In September we unveiled the new Artsper site. The result of several months of hard work, the redesign has had an impact on several aspects of our website. We have launched a new brand identity and a new logo but also many other improvements: new categories for artworks, improved SEO, a new ranking system and a gallery page for each of you.

The next step will be the redesign the backoffice!

Upgrading the catalogue

Throughout this year we made an effort to improve our selection and ensure the quality of the artworks. We have now set new rules for editions: numbering is mandatory and if the number of copies is greater than 300 we require the artist's signature, or sometimes the name of the publisher.

We are and will be much more stringent when it comes to the the provenance of the works, the type of signature, the type of certificate. We want to have a rich and varied catalogue, but with a controlled offering. Or, in other words, "we don't want to favour quantity at the expense of quality".

The arrival of renowned galleries

At the beginning of November, internationally renowned galleries arrived on Artsper. Perrotin, Kamel Mennour, Templon, Danysz, Xippas, Laurent Godin, Michel Rein, Jocelyn Wolff and Travesia Cuatro are now all on our platform. Thanks to these partners, the Artsper catalogue has expanded with new artworks choices which allows us to attract seasoned collectors and a clientele with high purchasing power.

The year 2018 is already full of promise and we look forward to sharing more news with you!

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