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Interview with Roy Sfeir Gallery

Could you briefly introduce your gallery?

The gallery has been in Saint Germain des Prés since 1989 and I run it with the help of my wife Claudia. We show mostly young artists but we don't have a strict theme, we tend to follow our instinct. As of today we have paintings and sculptures which are abstract, or fit into the pop or street art movements.
Why did you try selling your artworks online with Artsper?

I didn't hesitate long before joining Artsper! Today the Internet is omnipresent and takes up more and more space in our world. There is a new generation of buyers who prefer to buy on the Internet. What really drew me to Artsper was their team who are always very attentive and give good advice. I was also impressed by the quality of their ads and marketing.
How did you organize your sales strategy between your physical gallery and your gallery space on Artsper?

Artsper complements the sales I make in my physical gallery. And they always come when I least expect it ... Once I sold 5 works by the same artist, it was unexpected but very welcome!
Do you have any tips to help other gallery owners on Artsper?

In my opinion it's important to vary the kinds of works you're offering for sale and to focus more of graphic works which are easier to understand.
What would you say to a gallery owner who doesn't know Artsper?

I would say that Artsper presence on the market is growing, it's easy and fun to use and the search engine optimisation is very effective and helpful. I'd also say that it's important to live with your time.
What is your favourite aspect of your job as a gallery owner?

What I prefer are all the people I'm able to meet through my job, whether discovering emerging artists or getting to know interesting collectors.

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