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How to promote your gallery profile page

Promote your gallery profile page and increase your sales!

The key to online sales is visibility. The more Artsper promotes your works and the more you promote Artsper, the more the website and your artworks will be visible online and therefore the more you increase your chances of selling work.

Here's our advice for how to increase the online traffic on your gallery profile page and your sales on Artsper.

1. Mention your Artsper gallery profile page in your communication channels

Let your clients know that even if they can't make the trip to your gallery, they can still buy work online through your Artsper gallery profile page. You can include a link towards your page on any flyers or invitations that you distribute. Online, don't miss out on the opportunity to redirect your collectors towards your page so that they can easily purchase your work.

Example: Gilardi Art Gallery

Here is a gallery who clearly indicates on their website that more works by the artist are available to buy on Artsper. The Artsper logo, when clicked, redirects the collector to the artist's page on Artsper in order to facilitate the buying process.

2. Link to Artsper in your emails

If you email your collectors, why not let them know that they can also buy your works online? You can include Artsper's logo and link to individual art works or your gallery profile page.

For more information read our article "How to carry out an email campaign?"

3. Share our social media posts

Everyday, we feature your works on our social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest). Why not share these posts on your own accounts and provide your feed with more content?

Sharing on Facebook only requires a few clicks but if you want to repost one of our Instagrams you'll need to download the app Repost for Instagram

4. Talk about Artsper to other gallery owners

Having quality partner galleries participates in your success because it makes Artsper the place to go for those wishing to start or develop an art collection. Talk about Artsper to your fellow gallery owners and encourage them to contact us and become one of our gallery partners.

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