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How to optimise your Artsper account

Artsper provides you the key to the successful use of your gallery account

Your Artsper gallery account offers you numerous features which mastering guarantees the maximum efficiency on the platform. You may use and fill in each and every tab to enchance your online exposure. Artsper's team shares advice to put easily into practice.

Keep track of your sales and orders

To facilitate the processing of your orders, don't forget to immediately check your "orders" section as soon as you receive an email notifying you have sold an artwork. Then you will be able to fill in the delivery information, validate the sell and facilitate each step of your order. In fact, to allow the refunds of your sells, our team refers to the delivery information that you provide.

We rely on the "date of delivery" to reimbourse your gallery. If this date is in a period between the 1st and the 15th of the month, you wil receive your refund on the 31st. If the delivery occured between the 16th and the 31st, you will receive your refund on the 15th of the following month.

Don't forget to provide a certificate of authenticity

An optimally achieved artwork sale must be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity and an invoice. Collectors highly value these documents, especially when it authenticates an online purchase. It will contribute to the effectiveness and credibility of your gallery and build trust with your customers. 

Check the shipping costs before approving

When you put a new artwork online, the shipping costs incurred are calculated automatically depending on the georgraphic area of delivery and the size of the mailing. If the shipping costs seem too low, you are able to modify them and choose the amount. You must know that you won't be able to change the costs after validation of the artwork. So, don't forget to systematically check the automatically calculated costs so you won't be surprised when the artwork is sold.

Keep your information updated

Don't forget to fill in all the information of your account as soon as you join Artsper. A completed gallery page will help you get contacted easily. You can provide a presentation and the contact details of your gallery, links to your web site and social networks.

Your artworks' details must also be filled properly. The more information you provide, the better it is for your sales. Signed artwork, unique edition or number of copies, short biography of the artist and other features of the artwork are some details that must be filled. Keep in mind that an online prospective buyer can only rely on a digital image and the information you provide before buying a piece of art. If these are comprehensive, you avoid the risk of facing an unsatisfied buyer at the time of delivery. A satisfied collector will be less likely to use its right of withdrawal.

Review your stock situation regularly

We encourage you to regularly check the state of your artworks' stocks on Artsper. You can capitalize on one of your best selling artist by adding some of his/her artworks online. Also feel free to keep an eye on the currently popular artists on the web site and to remain close to the art market events. For example, you can add a bigger selection of Street Art artworks during Urban Art Fair.

Be an ambassador of Artsper

When you chose to be a partner gallery of Artsper, we offer you a new vector for growth and online visibility. To maximize the profit of this partnership, we stronlgy advise you to communicate on your dedicated gallery page. For example, you can include a link to the marketplace on your official web site, inviting potential buyers to have a look at your Artsper page. 

Use our emailing & contact management software

To go a step further, Bronze and Gold subscriptions offer you additional features. You have a free and unlimitted access to our emailing and contact management software. Uploading and storing contacts have never been easier. You can also create your emailing campains directly on the platform choosing from a selection of templates and graphics to which you can freely add your content. You can now profit from this easy-to-use and unlimitted software.

Now that you know all the best practices, you can enhance your Artsper exposure. Keep an eye on your sales and stocks and capitalize on your online visibility. Optimize your back office gallery today by taking these advice.

Kenza Zidi

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