How to integrate video into your digital marketing strategy

Videos have become an increasingly important medium for digital communication. More and more companies are using videos as a key means of communicating with their audience and social networks have multiplied the ways in which video can on their platforms (Instagram stories, Facebook live etc).

Keep reading to discover the many ways you can use video to expand your digital marketing strategy to engage with your collectors and expand your audience.

Why focus on video?

Video is a very engaging medium and the rate of memorisation rate is higher than for other modes of communication. Video also allows collectors to get a better idea easily enter the world of the gallery or the artist.

Today, to make a video more need to have specific material and a lot of expertise, especially if you use the video on social networks - you just need a smartphone and some basic knowledge on framing, light etc so that the video remains legible and interesting for your subscribers.

Where to host your videos online?

There are several options for uploading and streaming your videos online. The most used platforms are Youtube, Vimeo and Dailymotion. Here is a quick summary of the different websites below. However, we do recommend that you do more research before making your final choice in order to choose the one that best suits your needs.

Youtube is the most used platform. Given the popularity of the site, there’ll also be a lot of competition. You can create an account for free and videos can be posted in 1080p and Ultra HD 4K.

Vimeo brands itself as a platform for quality videos, for videographers. One advantage is that there are no ads that will cut your videos. For videos with a commercial purpose you have to use Vimeo PRO which is a paid service. On the other hand, independent production companies, artists or organisations can use any type of account. The maximum quality is 1080p and Ultra HD 4K.

Dailymotion is a French video platform, it accounts for 6% of global requests. Video quality goes up to 1080p and you can create an account for free.


On Facebook, videos have on average average 135% more organic reach than posts with photos, it’s a good idea therefore to integrate videos into your Facebook strategy.

Posting videos
To post a video on Facebook you can choose to publish a video that you have uploaded to the platform or simply paste the link of a video that is on youtube, Vimeo etc in your post. However, videos that have been uploaded directly to Facebook tend to reach a higher number of people and they also start in autoplay which can help grab the attention of your subscribers. Of course, don’t forget to add an interesting caption that makes you collectors want to watch the video.

Facebook lives
Facebook lives are to use to communicate live with your subscribers and Facebook is really encouraging it's users to make use of them and watch them. Why not share a behind the scene glimpse of what goes on while an exhibition is being set up? In order to reach a wider audience it's recommended that you announce the time and day of the live stream ahead of time


Instagram is the preferred social media network for online art buyers and offers several ways to communicate via video.

Video posts

Instagram allows you to post videos up to 60 seconds in length. You can post a video you take directly in Instagram or import a video from your phone’s photo and video library. Once the video is uploaded, you can apply a filter, add a description and select the cover image (the image that will appear on your Instagram page). For example, you can share a short video of a finished exhibition.

Instagram stories
Instagram stories are another way of sharing content via a slideshow format that shows multiple images or videos that disappear after 24 hours. Stories are displayed at the top of the instagram newsfeed and can therefore help you gain visibility. Each story can last a maximum of 15 seconds. You can add stickers, text as well as write or draw with the pen option. The stories are ideal for sharing the upcoming events, exciting news and behind the scene footage of setting up exhibitions, visiting artists’ studios etc…

Instagram lives
Just like Facebook lives, Instagram lives allow you to communicate live with your followers. It's a much more personal and natural way to communicate with your audience because everything is broadcasted live and your subscribers have the opportunity to leave you comments and ask questions live. The maximum length is 1 hour.

Hint: Why not give your collectors a live tour an an art fair or exhibition?

Artsper videos

In January, we launched our videos of exhibitions which are filmed in our partner galleries and allow our collectors around the world to discover more about the worlds of our galleries and artists. The videos are then sent by newsletter to our 100,000 collectors. A great opportunity for gaining more visibility!

Don't forget to let your account manager about your upcoming exhibitions!

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