How to improve your sales in 2020

It's never too early to start preparing for the new year and plan all your resolutions!

Here are some of our best tips for improving your sales on Artsper. Make sure to keep them in mind next year and even starting from now!

Advertise your exhibitions

Collectors often look for inspiration by consulting current exhibitions. To increase your visibility, add your exhibitions on Artsper.

Share, share and share

Share your artworks on social networks and redirect visitors to your gallery page on Artsper. This way, you can let your collectors know that even if they can't travel to buy a work in your gallery, they can easily buy it from home through your Artsper gallery page.

Add as much content as possible

Collectors always like to have several images (in situ, details, signature, etc.) and a few sentences about the artist's approach or the technique used. It is also important to specify if the work is sold framed or, if it is a sculpture, if it comes with a base. With more information, collectors will feel reassured, they will hesitate less and go through with the purchase more readily.

Add artworks regularly

Collectors who follow your artists or your gallery will be notified by email when you add works and will be happy to know that new products are available. The date an artwork was added is also taken into account for the order in which the works are presented. Furthermore, the latest added works will also appear when collectors search by sorting by "recently added".

Create a detailed gallery page

Remember to present your gallery to collectors. Write a short description of your gallery, put a link to your website and add an image of your gallery by sending the image of your choice to your account manager.

Share your suggestions

Don't hesitate to contact us in order to share your suggestions, this is one of our key sources of inspiration. Send your account manager suggestions of artworks that we could to themes or newsletters and we will do our best to promote you!

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