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How to help your artists develop their career online

Today the internet is an indispensable tool for many careers and artists included! It can be a powerful way of gaining visibility, finding new collectors and communicating with other artists. By helping your artists to get internet savvy, you contribute to the development of their career, which can only have a positive impact on your gallery. In this article we give you tips that will help you to support your artists in their digitization and help them to create a online presence.

Get your artists to create an Instagram

We’ve said it before, but we’ll say it again: Instagram is the art world’s most used and most important social media network. In fact, according to the 2018 Hiscox report, 32% of all art buyers noted that social media had a significant impact on their choice of purchase and for art buyers under 35, 79% of respondents said they used Instagram to discover new artists.

With an Instagram account, artists can build a virtual portfolio that allows collectors to better understand the artist’s body of work. However, Instagram is also a platform that encourages its users to build relationships, it is a space for sharing and communicating. Artists need to find the right balance between professional photographs of their works and more casual images that they take themselves showing their studio or sharing their sources of inspiration. Sharing more personal information is important and Damien Hirst is a great example of this; the artist started sharing anecdotes and funny stories in his captions in January 2018, and his follower count increased rapidly.

A few tips :

  • Don’t forget to use tags and hashtags. Ask your artists to tag your gallery when they share relevant images and tag them if you post images of their work. Hashtags are important because they allow people who don’t know your account to find your images when they search using keywords or hashtags
  • It’s important to add content regularly, ideally a few times a week if not more, otherwise it's hard to stand out given the amount of content being created 

Help your artists to create a website

Creating a website is a way of anchoring your digital presence. It might be a little bit more complicated and time consuming to set up than an Instagram account, but thanks to the tools that exist today it's not as difficult as you might think.

A website allows artists to create a virtual catalogue of their works. Collectors will be able to discover the artist’s work in more detail. It can also be a space for artists to speak about and explain their work and ideas.

A few tips :

  • Pay careful attention to the quality of the images, making sure that they are not out of focus or pixelated
  • There are several tools that make it easy to create websites and that require no specialised knowledge. Here are a few platforms that you could use: Weebly, Squarespace and Wordpress. You can help your artist choose which one suits their needs best

Encourage your artists to communicate with other members of the art world

Today many emerging artists are represented by several galleries that can be located around anywhere in the world. This is not only an advantage for your artists but also for you as it can help you build relationships with other gallerists and create a network of galleries. Social media can be an additional way of communicate with other galleries for you and your artists.

The Internet can also be a way for your artists of interact with other artists or other members of the art world such as collectors, critics, curators etc. There are are several social media platforms dedicated to artists and art, including, for example, DeviantArt and

Share your data with your artists

Technology not only facilitates the organisation of data but also allows you to access a much wider range of data. This data can help you understand what works your collectors like best. You can help your artists by sharing this information with them. It's important for your artist to understand what their best-selling works are and who they sell works to.

On Artsper you have also have access to the number of followers your artists have on our platform as well as which works have been added to wishlists. You can also share this information with your artists so they know which works draw in collectors the most.

That’s it, those were our essential tips to help your artists develop their career online, now it's up to you to share them with your artist!

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