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How to better promote your exhibitions online?

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You are probably already used to announcing your exhibitions on your website or by sending out postal or electronic invitations. However, there are several other ways to extend the visibility of your exhibitions, and this with ease. Indeed, the diversification of online information channels has become a real asset for the event-driven promotion of your work as a gallery or artist. In this article, Artsper will show you how to use the tools at your disposal to increase the visibility of your exhibitions while offering art lovers the opportunity to discover new works and make connections with you.

Promote your exhibitions on Artsper's homepage

In order to communicate about your gallery's exhibitions, all you need to do is to use the "Exhibitions" tab effectively. This essential tool is available on the Artsper website, and can be accessed directly from the home page, by clicking on "Artists" and then "Our Exhibitions" in the main menu, or via the drop-down carousel. The exhibitions tab allows all Artsper visitors to access the works of our partner galleries and artists in a few clicks. They benefit from the high traffic generated on the Artsper website, with over 700,000 unique visitors per month.

The exhibitions available on Artsper are visible in a main tab, fluid and easy to navigate

Use your gallery profile on Artsper

The events you wish to announce are also directly accessible from your gallery page. By browsing your profile, users can view the exhibitions you are currently showing. By regularly updating these on Artsper, you show our community of art lovers the dynamism of your gallery. It's also a way to highlight specific works of art or a particular artist by offering a dedicated showcase.

The exhibitions of Constance and Sons gallery, visible from their gallery page

When the user clicks on an exhibition, they have access to the main information about it and can also plan to visit it in person. Therefore, don't forget to include the dates of the show, the opening and closing times, and the address of your gallery if you are also having it there.

The presentation of your exhibition is particularly important for the user, because it will set the tone and the elements to know in order to understand your curation and the choice of the artists presented. This is why it must be developed and well articulated, preferably in several paragraphs. In need of inspiration? Specify whether it is a retrospective, a monographic exhibition or a thematic or group exhibition. At the beginning of your presentation, you can, for example, include a relevant quote from one of the artists represented or from a critic about their work. In general, a concise summary explaining the world of the exhibition will always be effective.

The presentation of the exhibition "It's All Good" by SETAREH gallery

To make your gallery page even more attractive, you can integrate a video on the cover page. The user will be more inclined to click on a video thumbnail to find out more about the exhibit without the effort of reading.

Promote your exhibitions on Facebook

As you know, a dynamic digital presence is essential. But through your social media activity in particular, you can reach an even wider and more diverse audience. By creating a Facebook event for your current or upcoming exhibition, you make your event more visible to a non-expert audience. You can thus interest new art lovers who don't have the privilege of getting the information through another channel. It is also a way to facilitate its diffusion, because participants can invite or tag their friends, increasing the popularity of your event.

Creating a new event on Facebook is easy and straightforward © Meta

The Facebook event announcement tool has the advantage of allowing you to invite your collectors and contacts, but also to open the sharing of the event to everyone. Users will be able to share it with their acquaintances. You will thus benefit from a digital word-of-mouth effect.

Keep in mind that if you choose to make the event public (not private), it will be accessible to everyone, even to users who are not your friends. You can't make a public event private later on, so think about that from the beginning.

Next, think about animating the event page by posting news about the exhibition, photos before and during the exhibition, notifying users of the dates and times of the event, or making a countdown to the opening day. All these possibilities dynamize and widen the field of communication around your work as a gallery or an artist, and are therefore a guarantee of good visibility.

Instagram, an essential channel to promote your exhibitions online

Instagram's very visual identity makes it the ideal platform to share your exhibitions © Instagram

As you already know, Instagram is almost unavoidable for promoting your work. It's not difficult to regularly publish your current or upcoming exhibitions as a static post (single photo or carousel sequence of visuals). For a simple and impactful announcement, opt for high quality images, representative of your exhibition, and a clear and attractive caption.

Also consider varying the content. For example, you can carry out a teasing campaign before the exhibition, by making short "Backstage" videos. Here too, set up a countdown as the opening date approaches. Do not hesitate to publish or repost positive comments from visitors, it is a powerful lever to convince other potential buyers. Finally, imagine fun formats, such as polls ("Which work do you prefer?"), quizzes or decoding of certain works, to maintain curiosity and keep your page alive.

Don't ignore video formats

Videos are an eye-catching and engaging way to promote your exhibitions online © Instagram

Be imaginative: create a dynamic Reel with a catchy sound, or post a professional video already published on your site, along with an explanatory caption. More and more art lovers on Facebook, Instagram, or even TikTok are using videos as their main source of inspiration.

Use social media in a creative way

In addition to your own publications, invite your artists to communicate directly on their personal accounts about the exhibitions of your gallery in which they participate. Many of them have an engaged community, and this action allows you to reach a wider target. A win-win situation for everyone!

You can also set up contests on your Instagram account. This promotional technique allows you to shake up the relationship with your followers, especially the younger ones, while working on your image. For example, you can offer 2 invitations to a private vernissage, with a guided tour of your studio or that of one of your artists - or simply allow the winners to interact with the talents on display! This is a great way for you to build your audience and get people talking about your exhibitions in a simple way.

In conclusion?

Whether it's via your gallery's Artsper page, or directly from your Facebook or Instagram account, use all of the communication tools at your disposal in order to develop maximum visibility for your exhibitions. The tools we talked about in this article each address different audiences in their own way, so they have a wide and intergenerational reach. By regularly updating your communication spaces, you will gradually build loyalty among these art-loving users by allowing them to discover new artists represented by your gallery each time. It's up to you!


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