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How to Anticipate the Upcoming Season's Key Moments

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The art world does not take a break! On the contrary, August is the perfect time to prepare your communication plan and think about the highlights of the upcoming season. It's not just about anticipating the start of the new school year in September, it's about thinking about the campaigns you could put in place until the end of the year. Whether you're a gallery or an artist, the Artsper team has the best advice to help you prepare for the end of the year.

Optimize your website

Do you have digital files of each of your works? Does your website work as well on mobile as on computer? Is your inventory up to date on your Artsper gallery space? Use the summer to take stock of your online presence and how you can optimize it. If you've been facing roadblocks during the year, now is the time to fix them: according to a study from the University of Surrey, users base 75% of their judgment about a site's credibility on its aesthetics. And according to Amazon, 88% of users will not return to a site if they have had a bad experience. If you don't know where to start, don't hesitate to get help: ask an outsider to give you their opinion on your site's experience, for example! You'll probably discover areas for improvement that you hadn't thought of.

 Danysz Gallery’s website, simple yet functional and well-organized, with easy and intuitive access to information about each artwork © Danysz Gallery 2022

Have you heard of omni channel?

An omni channel strategy allows your client to experience your business seamlessly and completely, through all your channels, rather than having to interact with each of them separately © Revechat

If you plan to organize openings, participate in fairs, publish a book or any other action that would require a communication plan: think of linking your channels together. That is to say that your Instagram account must redirect users to your website, which must offer them to subscribe to your newsletter, which will also redirect to your website and your social media. The idea is to connect all your channels to maximize your communication power, and thus offer a rich and multiple experience to your customer. Look at the communications you do on each channel, and analyze how they complement each other.

This is also a good opportunity to review the rhythm at which you communicate, the regularity with which you address your customers. Could you get more messages across? Or on the contrary, should you refocus your efforts on a few key moments and avoid the spam effect that can happen when you continuously solicit your audience?

Establish a CRM strategy

​​CRM, or customer management, can do wonders for your bottom line. Wondering what CRM is? Just answer one question: is your database up to date? Take the time to sort and expand your lists to ensure you're communicating to the right target once the new school year arrives. According to Google, 90% of leading marketing professionals say that personalization contributes significantly to business profitability.

Two newsletters sent by Artsper: on the left, a selection of recommendations to users who have liked works on the site. On the right, a promo code and new items to discover for buyers who haven't visited the site in over two years.

If your database is up to date, take the time to categorize different targets according to their demographic: your most loyal customers, those you see regularly but who have never bought anything, or those who left you their contact information at a fair and whom you have never seen since. By classifying these different demographics, you identify your customers and prospects, to whom you will communicate in an adapted way. The result? More personalized messages and a greater chance of reaching your objectives.

Do Black Friday the smart way

Participating in Black Friday and Cyber Monday is a good opportunity to drive more traffic and make more sales © Nosto

Sales, Black Friday, Cyber Monday... If you think these commercial periods don’t apply to the sale of artworks, think again: it is in your best interest to include these times in your global strategy. During the Black Friday period, consumers expect to receive discounts and bargains on many products. In short, they are more likely to spend. Take advantage of this mindset! If possible, plan a promotion on your artwork. Be careful, the key to success is to let your customers know about the opportunity you are offering. Plan to communicate on all your channels at least two weeks in advance, with a reminder a few days before.

Black Friday weekend marks the peak of holiday shopping season, and there are factors that will attract your clients more than others © InsiderIntelligence / Adobe, Salesforce, Klaviyo, BigCommerce, Numerator, Quantum Metric © Finances Online / National Retail Federation

Keep in mind that your customers will be bombarded with commercial communications from many different companies. In order to stay in line with your brand image and to differentiate yourself, opt for an original and well thought-out message. Invite your customers to an exclusive promotional sale, where they can benefit from an offer you don’t usually make (a promotion on the price, free shipping, free VAT...) - but do try to keep an angle that makes sense for you: for example, give a theme to your campaign, donate a part of the profits to an association, or collaborate with a partner for the occasion...

Arty Friday, Artsper’s campaign for Black Friday 2021, conceived with a curatorial angle and to support young artists in collaboration with an artists’ agency. The selections and promotions were broadcasted on all channels: blog articles, social media, thematic, newsletter...

Don't forget to create a buying impulse by making it clear that your offer is limited in time. This year, Black Friday is on November 25th. Graciously invite a handful of your VIP collectors to preview it, starting on Thursday the 24th. The rest of your customers will have from Friday to Sunday to take advantage of your exclusive promotional sale!

In 2020, Adobe found that American consumers spent more on Cyber Monday than Black Friday. For the occasion, take advantage of your Artsper account: add new works, set up price deals (which are highlighted in a dedicated page!) and communicate the link to your gallery page to all your clients.

Capitalize on your art fair attendance

Artsper magazine regularly publishes articles with tips or reviews of major trade shows: a few paragraphs are enough to add real value to your reader's experience.

If you're attending fairs next season, you'll want to communicate to your collectors. But you can do more than send out invitations or post a series of photos on Instagram. Our advice? Use this time to position yourself as an art advisor and market expert to your clients. Always looking for recommendations and knowledgeable opinions, they'll be happy to get your insights in their inbox or on social media. When the fair starts, send collectors the booths or works you think they should not miss. At the end of the fair, review the artists or styles that were particularly popular - at your booth, of course, but also at other galleries’! In this way, you present yourself to your clientele as a valuable source of expertise, which they will not hesitate to call upon whenever they need it.

If you don't have time to write, you can always recommend external resources. For example, the Artsper team often publishes articles about fairs, so feel free to share existing content to show your dynamism while saving time!

Anticipate the holiday season

The main page of the Artsper marketplace, featuring an exhibit each week. If you're creating an exhibition for your year-end selections, consider our advertising options!

When Christmas comes, everyone is looking for unique gift ideas. Our advice? Show your customers that art is an exceptional gift: a highly personalized present that lasts a lifetime - and may even increase in value! Create a selection of unique works for the occasion. Vary the styles and price ranges, then add context to your recommendations. For example, because the artist is highly sought after, because the composition is rare... If you are an independent artist, you may have created a series of works especially for the occasion, never shown before! Show your customers that you have the best of the best in store for them, and that the selection you offer them has been curated specifically with gifting in mind.

Maximize the potential of your selection by making it a dedicated exhibition on Artsper, whose link will be easily shared. The key to success for a Christmas communication will be to plan ahead: your customers will probably need more time to make up their minds than for a traditional gift - and you'll need to plan for shipping time if the work is not picked up directly from you! Make sure your selections are ready by the first days of December at the latest.

A few words and a pretty card are all it takes for a successful holiday card. Allow time to write them in advance, or at least sign them by hand! © Paperless Post

If you're planning to send holiday cards, take the time to create them in advance so you don't have to deal with them at the last minute. All you need for a successful mailing is nice paper and a friendly, personal message - avoid commercial promotions, which would be poorly received... Add a handwritten signature to each card to make it more authentic and personalized.

If you prefer to limit the workload, you can always reserve this mail for your most loyal customers, or opt for digital invitations: Paperless Post offers some very nice options.

For an end-of-year-opening, offer the experience of a convivial and festive moment to accompany the exhibition of your works © Shutterstock

Finally, take advantage of the Christmas season to organize a holiday opening: who doesn't want to get together when it’s cold outside and enjoy beautiful things during a special moment? Send festive invitations and offer mulled wine or champagne. As for the works to be displayed, if you don't have a new hanging planned, show your selection of works to give as Christmas gifts!

If you're not planning to be around much during the holiday season, send your clients a list of local artistic or cultural events that you recommend (including your Artsper page). This way, they can enjoy their vacations with art from you.

The end of the year: a period rich in opportunities

As all businesses prepare for what is often the most profitable time of the year, don't be afraid to innovate and do things differently to maximize your profits. Make the most of it by taking simple actions, and getting organized during the summer! With an efficient and optimized website, an omnichannel strategy and a little CRM, you will have all the keys in hand to organize your actions for Black Friday, Christmas, or the fairs you participate in. And to get the most out of your efforts, analyze the performance of your communication once the period is over: your social media posts, your newsletters, your sales during the given period... If something worked well, make it even better next year!


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