Good reasons for sharing your presence on Artsper

"Sharing your presence”: what does that mean and why should you do it? There are different ways of informing the public, any potential or existing clients, your partners, shareholders and competitors that you are on Artsper. There are many advantages, the most obvious being to increase your visibility on our site. Moreover, it demonstrates your trust and transparency towards Artsper. Showing a healthy, long-lasting and strong relationship helps to build trust, which will facilitate the client’s purchasing decision.

So, how to share your presence on Artsper?

Mention your Artsper gallery page on your communication channels

In the same way that you would give your phone number, why not put your Artsper gallery page on your business card? There are so many diverse communication tools: your website, Facebook page, Instagram or Twitter accounts, brochures/flyers, event posters and the gallery itself are all important promotional materials for increasing your visibility to clients.

For example: You could share a link such as this one on your social media:

Or put "Find our works on" on your print media.

First of all, this will inform any collector who can’t make it to your gallery/workshop that they can buy your works online. Secondly, if you don’t have an online shop, Artsper can be thought of as your online platform.

Share our posts on your social media

Every day we feature your works on social media (Facebook, Instagram, etc). Why don’t you mention these promotions on your own pages and thereby boost your feed? It only takes a few clicks to share a post on Facebook; to repost photos on Instagram, download the application “Report for Instagram” and you’re done!

For example: You can mention that you are also sold on @Artsper_ in your Instagram biography (this will link directly to our Instagram account, and thus our promotional posts).

Generally, the more you diversify your communication channels, the greater your target audience - the number of people reached by your promotional message - will be.

Promote your artist pages and exhibitions thanks to the “Share” button on our Back-Office

Finally, once your artist pages and exhibitions have duly been completed in the Artsper Back-Office (, it will be easy to share them on your channels thanks to the “Share” button. As shown below, go to your artist page, choose the artist you want to feature, click on the arrow in the bottom-left of their artist tab and choose the platform on which you’d like it to be shared, or copy the link directly to paste it wherever you want.

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