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Even during the quarantine period, your gallery can sell! Here are 7 reasons why updating your catalogue of works on Artsper and communicating with your collectors is key to helping you be successful this period.

Help make the website more dynamic

Artsper is constantly changing : everyday new artworks are added. The artist and artwork catalogue evolve each day. This element of constant novelty draws traffic to the website as collectors visit Artsper to take a look at what has recently been added.

You have a key role to play in keeping this flow going; only you can add the artworks that keep our collectors coming back for more.

Get your artwork catalogue seen

It's important to note that a work that has been added recently is more likely to appear in the first pages of our catalogue, as we take into account the date the work has been added when ordering the artworks. Furthermore, the recent works will not only be present on your gallery's page and the artist's but it will also appear when collectors search for works by sorting them as "recently added".

Get your artworks featured in our newsletters

The Artsper sends weekly newsletters to more than 100,000 collectors, based in France and abroad. We send you the themes of these newsletters in advance by email and you can then suggest works which you could like to be included. The final selection is made on the basis of the latest works that you have added. The more frequently you add new works to Artsper the more chance you have of seeing your works appear in these emails.

Make a lasting impression on collectors who follow you

If a collector likes the work of a particular artist, it is likely that they probably follow them on Artsper. Each time a collector decides to follow one of your artists on Artsper, you are notified. In the same way, all collectors will be informed when one of the artists that they follow has a new work online . It's a good way to refresh the collectors memory and encourage them to go back to Artsper to find the work they're looking for.

Keep collectors up to date about your gallery's events

Don't forget to add your upcoming exhibitions to your Gallery page on Artsper. Collectors who follow you will be alerted and will be be able to find out more either on Artsper or in your gallery .

Optimize your referencing on Google

Putting a work on Artsper, updating your catalogue with new works or artists will also help you gain more online visibility. Artsper's search engine optimisation and referencing mean that we appear amongst the first search results for many of the artists present on our website. For example, if you type JonOne into Google, Artsper will be among the first search results to appear!

Don't forget to promote your gallery page

For collectors, being able to buy art online makes their life easier. So don't forget to mention Artsper and your gallery page in your various channels of communication in order to alert your collectors to the fact that they can easily buy your works online. For more tips, read our article "How to promote your gallery profile page".

Artsper allows your gallery to gain visibility by connecting it to a large number of collectors. But for these collectors to continue to regularly visit the site and the page of your gallery, it is important to keep them up to date with your news and those of the artists you exhibit by regularly adding to the content of the site, whether by adding biographies, exhibitions or artworks.

Artsper hopes you that you doing well during this difficult period.

Our team is available to support you.

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