Gallery Testimony: Art in the Game

Baptiste Ozenne and Jérémy Prazowski, founders of Art in the Game, share with us their experience on Artsper.

Copyright : John Hennequin

1 – Could you briefly present your gallery: Art In The Game?

Art In The Game was founded in 2015 and has several goals: promote and support emerging artists or artists who are well known for urban art (JR, Sébastien Preschoux, Gris1, Kan…) but mainly to promote access to street art. Our gallery offers global visibility for international artists (Japanese, English, French etc.) due to our active participation in various art fairs in Miami, London, Paris, New York, Madrid not to mention Moscow.

« We sold 14 artworks and had put around thirty artworks online. »

2 – Why were you interested in joining Artsper's digital adventure?

Artsper is the online reference in Europe in its field. Just like us, a brand new structure which offers a prime showcase on the Internet. It just seemed logical to join and build a long lasting partnership, based on added visibility and acquiring new distribution channels.

3 – How many sales did you make last year on Artsper?

We sold 14 artworks and had put around thirty artworks online. These artworks ranged from 500 up to €6,000. The ratio was definitely more than satisfactory!

4 – How did you come up with a sales strategy which took into account your physical gallery and your gallery space on Artsper?

2016 was about implementing our brand new gallery: choosing artists, initial participation and prizes during art fairs.

However, 2017 will be focused on consolidating our personal network, participating in new art fairs and multiplying the number of artworks online by 4 or 5. We’re really banking on this platform to help us increase our sales.

5 – What would you tell a gallery owner who hasn’t heard about Artsper?

I would simply say to try it out, there are several kinds of subscriptions within reach. Initially, it's good to get a feel for things, but you'll quickly become an expert at using the tools and the platform. Last but not least, go with the flow!

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