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How to communicate about your shows online?

Upcoming exhibitions from your gallery are announced several weeks in advance by paper or digital invitation paper. They are also referenced on your website to extend the target of your ads. Today, it is often advisable to go further in the announcement of your events to gain visibility.

Using the "exhibitions" tab of your dedicated page

Communication around your exhibitions on Artsper is easier when you use the contents of your dedicated apage and your SEO online.

Indeed, when you share an exhibition on Artsper you can put on sale the artworks on display so that users have a preview of the selection. You then fill in the dates of the exhibition, the opening hours and the address of your gallery. The tab on Artsper's home page provides access to the latest exhibitions shared online by our partner galleries but the events that you advertise are also directly accessible on the page dedicated to your gallery.

By clicking on "exhibitions", potential buyers access to the selection of artworks of your next exhibition. Also, you have the possibility of informing your contacts of this exhibition and the artworks that are sold there and available on Artsper using our newsletters tool accessible on your gallery page.

By creating Facebook events

People attending your openings were often informed either by invitation or by word of mouth. Facebook events bring together both.

The tool "events" on Facebook has the advantage of allowing inviting your collectors and contacts but also to open the sharing of the event for all. Facebook users can indeed share the event with all their contacts and thus play on a digital word of mouth effect.

There are many benefits to using this tool: it allows to publish news about the exhibition and provide information for your potential visitors, post pictures before and during the exhibition and to notify users on the opening day and brings good visibility.

By diversifying your publications on networks

Your gallery is not the only vector of visibility for the artworks that you expose. Artists have an active community of fans on social networks.

Invite your artists to communicate about their upcoming exhibitions in your gallery allows you to reach a wider target than your collectors. Internet users are keen on videos and photos of artists' studios. They appreciate the closeness resulting form the social networks and often discover artists through these new channels of communication.

You can even play on the closeness networks such as Instagram, on which it is advisable to personify your gallery. Promote your team, post photos taken during assembly or preview artworks is appreciated by your community on these social networks.

The era of traditional paper invitations is mutating with the growing numbers of event promotion channels. Do not hesitate to test these tools that give you a shot of visibility but also a closeness with your collectors.

Kenza Zidi

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