Attract new collectors with Facebook events

Create an event on Facebook to invite them to your exhibitions

Facebook is the most popular social network in the world! It is indispensable to create an event on Facebook to reach the maximum number of art lovers and collectors. Discover or rediscover the creation and the management of an event on Facebook with our guide. For the savvy ones, the second part of this article gives you professional advice to increase the visibility of your events on Facebook.

1. Create an event on Facebook

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To create the event

1 Connect to your gallery’s Facebook page.

2 Click Events in the left menu of your Facebook news feed.

3 Click Create Event on the top right.

4 Click Create Private Event or Create Public Event.

If you choose a private event: it will only be visible to the guests, but you can allow them to invite their friends. The guests will be able to see the description of the event, the publications on the wall and the videos. On the other hand, if you chose a public event: it will be visible to everybody within and outside of Facebook. Everybody will be able to see the description, pictures, discussions and the videos of the event.

5 Fill in the event name, details, location and the time.

Enter the dates of the beginning and the end of your event according to the dates of your exhibition. You can then continue to communicate with your guests after the vernissage and throughout the exhibition to maintain the interest of your potential buyers by publishing for example pictures of the event some days later.

6 Click Create Private Event or Create Public Event

And that’s it! You are on the page of your event, where you can invite people, upload photos, share publications and edit the details of your event…

To invite people:

1 Click Invite in the top right.

2 Click Invite Facebook Friends or Invite by Text or Email.

You can invite your friends on Facebook, and you can also invite those who do not have Facebook by email or by text message, from the page of the event.

Ask your associates, colleagues, professionals of the same sector and your close ones to add their friends to the event so that as much people as possible is notified about the event.

To make it attractive:

1 Choose your cover picture.

The cover photo is the mirror of your event and has to be attractive! For that you should choose a bright, colorful and dynamic image. for example, you can do an assembly of several artworks that will be exhibited and add the essential information of the event.

2 Write a dynamic introduction.

The description of your event should be inviting! The guests should want to know more and want to come meet you at the vernissage. This step should not be overlooked

You should prioritize and fragment the information in order to hook your readers.

For example, in the first lines you can remind them of the dates of the exhibition and the name of the exhibiting artist, then, after a space rewrite the title of the vernissage, the location and date of the same. You can then leave another space and describe briefly the personality and the background of the artist. Finally, after leaving a last space announce “the color” of the exhibition and its goal. Then you can put the link of your gallery and that of the artist, if he has one

3 Identify the exhibiting artist in a publication on the page of the event.

Identifying third parties in your publication will allow you to increase the visibility of the same! by identifying the exhibiting artist, all his friends on Facebook will see the publication of the event.

On the page of the event, on the top right, click Going, Maybe or Invited.

Then you will be able to see how many people and who will be attending, as well as who may be able to attend and who has not responded yet. For private events only, you can see who has “seen” the event without responding and relaunch the invitation by inviting the guest through a private message.

2. Increase the visibility of the event

Share it on your personal page and ask your associates, colleagues, professional in the same area to share it!

Do not hesitate to share it regularly, for example D-15 days before the event, D-7 days before the event and D-2 days before the event. The D-day of the event , Facebook will take care of reminding the event and the key information to your guests.

Publish pictures and videos regularly, on the page of the event. This will keep your guests interested!

Your guests will receive a notification as soon as you post something on the page of the event, so this is another effective way of keeping them interested before and after the vernissage and all along the duration of the exhibition.

Send a private message to all your guests two days before the event, to remind them of the main information to refresh their memory!

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