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Accounts to follow during the upcoming fairs

A selection of influent people of the online art world

Jean-Christophe Laizeau

DIrector of International Communication of the house of Ruinart Champagne, he developed the notoriety of the brand and its image through the specter of the art world. In parallel, he nurtures a true interest for the Arts, and willingly shares the pieces he loves at galeries, salons or fairs on social media.

Jeffrey Deitch

Artist, writer, curator, art dealer, art advisor. Jeffrey Deitch has done a lot in the 40 years he has dedicated to his passion for contemporary and modern art. He had the chance to visit some of the greatest galleries in the world, and to meet big artists and international curators from the start, which gave him access to an extraordinary network, but also to a unique artistic training.

Jerry Saltz

Art critic, American columnist in the New York Magazine, he left his footprint in The Village Voice, The Pulitzer Prize, The School Of Visual Arts, Columbia and Yale University. He regularly shares the objects and things he sees on social media, which got his Facebook account temporarily suspended.

Klaus Biesenbach

Moma PS1 Queens director and curator at the New York MOMA, he is also the founder of the Kunst-Werke Institute of Contemporary Art in Berlin. Despite his decisions as artistic director being criticized, namely during the Björk exhibition at the New York MOMA, his Instagram account has everyone’s approval, with its 207,000 followers.

Patricia Marshall

Art Advisor, Patricia Marshall surveys the biggest contemporary art faire of the planet, at the side of the greatest art collectors which she counsels and to whom she delivers draconian selections of artists she presumes they’ll like. The number of art collectors has increased and it is up to Art Advisors to guide them in the midst of a contemporary art market that has come back to life these last 10 years.

Simon De Pury

A collector and auctioneer, he is nicknamed the “Mick Jagger of auctions” for his singular personal style that undoubtedly gradually turned him into the most notorious auctioneer of the world. A socialite as well, he rarely misses the artistic scene’s big event.

Stefan Simchowitz

Collector, curator and art advisor, Stefan Simchowitz probably understood before a lot of people that art would not evolve outside the digital era. He never ceases to present social media as a wonderful tool for discovering, distributing and popularizing the arts, using his own Instagram and Facebook accounts to promote the artist in which he believes.

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