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9 things to keep in mind when communicating online

As an artist or a gallery, navigating the digital world and the internet isn't always easy. There's such a huge wealth of advice about what to do or what not to do that sometimes it's hard to know what's truly important. And if you lack time or resources, which ones are absolutely essential? To make your life simpler, here are 9 things that you should keep in mind for your online communication.

1. Be regular in your content publications

More content is constantly being added online. If you’re not regularly adding content on your website, social media etc you’ll easily get lost in the mass and your search engine ranking might suffer (read this article to learn more about search engine optimisation). Even on Artsper, we recommend that you add new artworks at least once a month to in order to maximise your visibility on our platform. That being said, don’t focus on quantity at the expense of quality! Also on Artsper, we strongly recommend you add new works at least once a month to stay visible on the platform.

2. Plan ahead

Even if a lot can be done quickly and easily on the internet, that's no reason not to carefully plan your online content. Some apps like Planoly will allow you to plan your Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest or Facebook account, for example. By creating an action plan with clear goals you will be able to implement specific and concrete actions that will more fully contribute to your overall strategy. You will also be able to visualize which posts and additions have a real impact for your development to optimize your online presence.

3. Be transparent

Transparency and honesty are the foundations of a trustworthy relationship between a company and its community. Avoid lying or hiding information from your subscribers and visitors as this can quickly lead to a bad reputation. Moreover, not being transparent means closing opportunities for growth: potential customers may be blocked at the time of purchase if the price is not displayed, for example. To learn more, read our article on the importance of transparency in the online art market.

4. Use quality images

We live in an increasingly visual world and users expect to see high quality images. These reflect the identity of your gallery. Pixelated, poorly framed or blurred images do not inspire confidence and can drive collectors elsewhere.

5. Always keep your information up to date

The Internet is your window to the outside world and a way to reach a wide network of collectors. Make sure all your information is up to date. If a customer comes across the wrong phone number or an address that no longer exists, it can damage your reputation. Having a modern and easy to use website, current exhibitions, removing sold works, updating quantities... All of these variables greatly affect your online and offline reputation.

6. Use data

Thanks to automatic social network analysis and tools like Google Analytics, you have access to information about the people who are interested in your gallery and your artists. Take advantage of it! Use the numbers to try to better understand your collectors (their age, geographical location, favorite artists, etc.). This will allow you to tailor your content to better communicate with them, and expand your subscriber and customer base.

7. Stay up to date on the latest trends

The Internet and the digital world are constantly evolving and it is important to keep up with the latest news and trends. When content is not updated regularly, users lose interest. Providing your subscribers with data to encourage their consumption of content is now the best way to keep them engaged and active on your platforms. To stay in the loop simply subscribe to newsletters from sites such as The Content Marketing Institute or simply visit the websites from time to time to stay informed.

8. Communicate with your followers

The Internet is a tool for sharing, so it is important to have a two-way communication that relies on interaction and conversation with your collectors, especially on social networks! It is important to focus on sharing between you and your subscribers and to avoid too frequent promotional messages that will quickly be considered as uninteresting. A reciprocal exchange of equals is often the best solution to keep your collectors and subscribers loyal.

9. Encourage people to share

Your community is a great asset and you need to know how to use it. Encourage your subscribers and followers to share your posts on social networks and to forward your newsletters to their circle of friends. It's not a miracle recipe, but it's easy to add a little phrase to encourage sharing and it would be a shame to lose this opportunity. Often, offering interactive and fun content makes your community want to share it with their social network connections, who haven't seen your post and therefore don't follow you. So, if your post makes an impact, your base will grow in no time!

As a conclusion?

Today, it is very important to know the behavior and codes to adopt online in order to be current in your content or simply to save a maximum of time and not have to think too much when you promote your presence on the Internet. Regularity, transparency and analysis are at the heart of a good communication strategy on the web. You now have all the keys in hand to develop the career of your artists and your online gallery.

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