9 Profiles you need to follow

A profiles' selection to follow: best practices, information and influence


Robin Cembalest

Former editor-in-chief of ARTnews for 16 years than digital strategy consultant for the art world, Robin Cembalest reveals what she sees on Instagram and regularly publishes articles that she has written for the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal or the New York Observer on her blog.

Her recommendations lead to the emergence of certain young artists such as the French sculptor Prune Nourry (@prune).

Love Watts

Paintings, sculpture, videos, design, photographs and graphism, Jordan Watson reposts all directly onto his account, indicating the identity of the works’ authors on his Instagram account that is followed by celebrities and renowned collectors.

Consistency, lively colors and a devoted presence have enabled the success of this account that he describes as a “mixture of all art forms” disrupted from time to time with a few photos of the man himself.

Aureta Thomollari

She launched her blog in 2009, that she ended up exporting to Instagram.

Her advice ? “Treat your Instagram account like an art gallery. Pay great attention to how the works are arranged, think about the structure of the whole, the general atmosphere, image by image, and within a mood board.”


OS Geomos

The twin graffiti artists Otavio and Gustavo Pandolfo born in Brazil in 1974 are street art stars in their home country… and for any one with an Internet connection !

You will no longer miss any of their yellow-skinned characters brought to life by mere tags or stretched out on entire walls.

Daniel Arsham

The New York artist has managed to restore all the strangeness of his work on a rather restrictive medium. Cultivating the art of paradox, Daniel Arsham exposes his imposing trompe-l’oeil sculptures, still even though they inspire movement, dissimulated silhouettes or iconic objects.

Anthony Lister

His pop and surrealist graffitis captivate, like his paintings and illustrations that combine inspiration from both popular and elite culture.

Browsing his feed of posts, we are confronted to diverse objects, of diverse nature, in an explosive style, seducing and grotesque at the same time, where the world seems to be held by just a string, with fleeting and intertwined strokes.


Met Museum

Even an institution like the Met Museum could suffer from not existing in social media. They have since undertaken a notable reversal and now treat their digital communication like any brand, by turning to moderators and community managers. And the least that can be said is that it pays off !

Galerie Perrotin

There are necessarily good ideas to take from the great. And in this case, there are quite a few ! Have a close look.

Joel Riff

On September 27, 2004, Joel Riff was … . The real Forest Gump of the artistic milieu, “what Joel Riff sees” is rich with at least one exhibition per day, and sometimes up to more than ten.

If he does not have an immense following, this surely is due to the account’s form. That does not change the fact that it is a big (very big) source of information.


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