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Instagram has become an absolutely essential tool to reinforce the online presence of artists and galleries. With 1.2 billion users in 2021, which represents 28% of internet users worldwide (Statista), it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Whether you've just created your account or you've already been maintaining one for several years, a tune-up is always welcome to keep producing quality content. Our goal? To help you get the most out of the application and make it a real asset in your digital strategy. This is why Artsper has selected 8 examples of posts you should try this season, which are as effective as they are simple to implement.

1. A “Save the date”

A perfect example of such a post, from Fabien Castanier Gallery’s account: the information is clear, and the punchy design attracts the eye in a busy feed

If you're planning an exhibition or opening, for an art fair or the holiday season for example, consider sharing a save the date on your social media. This type of post will make your event stand out, no matter how big or small - or where it’s held. For that matter: it’s also a great option for an exhibition you're planning on Artsper. Choose a simple but impactful visual, with a colorful background for example. Fill in the essential information, while being careful not to overload the image. If you wish, you can also ask people to RSVP in your direct messages.

2. A post with an artwork tagged in Instagram Shopping

Do you use Instagram Shopping ? This feature has become essential for many businesses and can be a very effective way to showcase your catalog. Some buyers may hesitate about purchasing a piece of art on social media, but Instagram Shopping will allow any potential buyer to know your prices. This cuts out the need to contact you just for that reason, and therefore saves you time. 

A post on Artsper’s Instagram account (@artsper_), with an artwork set in an interior space and tagged on Instagram Shopping.

To activate Instagram Shopping, you’ll need an Instagram business account (an easy switch to make in your settings, if you need to), which will allow you to access the analytics of your posts and set up an Instagram shop.

How can you use this feature ? It’s quite simple: select a high quality image of your artwork, set in an attractive setting. A neutral interior, designed with taste, is an ideal way for your audience to relate to the image and project themselves having the work in their own home. Many art visualizers exist online to help you create this kind of image - Wallapp is one of them.

3. An Instagram guide

Guides are an underexploited feature on Instagram. Few accounts use them, and yet they offer many advantages: they’re user-friendly, versatile, can boost your engagement rate… and they’re very easy to create.

Perrotin gallery’s Instagram guide listing recommended art books from their shop (@galerieperrotin)

There are three types of guides. First, those which use posts: you create the guide by picking existing posts on Instagram - from your own account or someone else’s! This is an excellent way to redirect traffic to some of your old posts and boost their engagement. The second type of guide is based on locations: you select a series of places - museums to visit, your favorite spots in the city… The last guide uses Instagram Shopping products.

If you have an Instagram shop set up, this third type is ideal to create a list of works within a theme, to feature the curation of an exhibition, or group works from your catalog by movement or style. If you don’t have an Instagram shop, think outside the box: create a reading list of art books that you recommend from other shops, picking only from accounts that you like.

4. A work of art and the inspiration behind it

A poetic and original post on French artist Aurore Amberny’s Instagram account (@aurore_amberny)

Instagram is, before anything else, a platform meant to share and inspire. And there’s a good chance that the users who follow you, whether they’re collectors or amateurs, are looking for content on what they’re passionate about: art. This post by Aurore Amberny, a French artist, is particularly striking in its simplicity and originality. The idea can be used in many ways… Simply pick an artwork for which you know the original inspiration (or an inspiration that could have been!) and superimpose the two. In one simple image carousel, you’re able to offer a new perspective on an artist and their work.

5. A “Behind the scenes” post (bonus points if it’s a Reel)

Art enthusiasts love to discover the market’s inner workings. Share unique moments with your followers, like the installation of an exhibition or the process of preparing a special piece for shipping. Your community will be happy to be included in your day-to-day life, and to discover the less-advertised aspects of your business.

Galleri GKM regularly shares insights of its work as a gallery: on the left, the unboxing of a Koons Balloon Dog; on the right, the prepping of the window display for an upcoming exhibition (@gallerigkm)

To make the most of this type of content, post it as a Reel: these short video formats are largely favored by the Instagram algorithm, which makes them much more visible than regular static posts. The in-app creator tool allows you to assemble multiple videos and pick a music. Try it - you won’t regret it!

6. Snapshots of your team

This post by Kamel Mennour gallery is the perfect example of easy, effective content. It announces that the gallery’s currently showing in Art Basel, and brings a personal touch to the account - with a welcome humorous tone (@kamelmennour)

In the same way, introducing members of your team can humanize you as a gallery or artist and show your personality to your followers. It’s easy for buyers to forget the individual behind the Instagram account. By showing the work and passion that lift your business up, you show a personal aspect of yourself that can set you apart from others. As long as you remain authentic! A snapshot of your team life, even an ordinary moment, is enough to put a face on a name. It will make Instagram users want to keep following you, and maybe make a potential buyer pick you over another gallery or artist.

7. A curated list of your current favorites

Artsper’s “Crush of the Month” selection, which groups our team’s current favorite artists. It’s published each month on the marketplace, then shared on Instagram with a branded stamp to make it stand out.

This type of content is versatile and easy to make. You share your personal tastes, you position yourself as a source of regular, high-quality recommendations, you inspire your community, and you offer them a direct way to discover what you have on offer currently. Select a handful of works (between 5 and 10) and present them as the pieces of the moment. It doesn’t have to be commercial: you can select images of any artworks that you simply like, in the way of a moodboard.

8. A collaboration post

Another Instagram feature you should not ignore: collaborations with other accounts. Their unique aspect is that they appear on two accounts simultaneously - not as duplicates, but a single post, with a single URL, that appears on both your partner's account and yours. The great advantage of collaboration posts is that they make your account known to an entirely separate community, while generating twice as many impressions and engagement, since they reach two subscriber bases at the same time.

A collaborative post with Artsper and Artconnect Magazine, featuring an article published about the marketplace by the German media (@artsper_ @artconnectofficial)

Think of collaborative posts for all your partnerships. A fair you’ll participate in, for example, or a gallery or artist you’re partnering with, or even the publisher of your latest monograph... Talk about it with your partners, who will quickly see that it requires little effort and is mutually beneficial. All you have to do is agree on the images, the caption and the posting time.

How can you use the feature? When posting, you have the option to tag people, and then to select "Invite as collaborator." Their account will receive a notification, which they will have to accept in order for the post to appear on both your feeds - otherwise, it will be published in your name only.

To sum up…

Instagram is easy to first get started, but gets more challenging when it comes to posting fresh, original content that appeals to your followers on the long term. With so many users on the platform, the trick is to win their attention over another account. To do this, test new formats and show your personality: the fall season is a great time to be more ambitious on your social media. You will quickly be able to analyze the types of content that best worked for you. So, which of these ideas are you thinking of trying first?

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