8 Art-related Social Media Accounts to Follow

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As a gallery or independent artist, social media can be an invaluable resource for engaging with your audience and staying up-to-date on current trends and notable figures in the industry. This is why we recommend making the most of the medium and realizing its potential, not only as an entertainment element, but as a way to stay connected for all generations. To save you time, Artsper has curated a selection of 8 social media accounts across various platforms to follow to ensure you’re not missing out. Enjoy!

1. Jerry Saltz (@jerrysaltz) on Instagram

A senior art critic for the New York Times, Jerry Saltz is a well known figure in the art industry. The Pulitzer Prize winner frequently offers his thoughts on current exhibitions, art world trends and wider cultural issues on his instagram account, as well as behind-the-scenes glimpses at major art fairs and gallery openings. Amongst the posts, you’re also sure to find some entertaining memes and personal anecdotes to brighten your day.

Example of an Instagram post published by Jerry Saltz © Jerry Saltz / Instagram

2. Art21 on YouTube

Art21 focuses on analyses of contemporary art directly from the artists who are making a major impact in the field. Featuring interviews, documentaries and other educational videos, their YouTube account provides unique insights from a diverse range of multimedia artists, who produce sculptures, installations, performance art and paintings. Their series “Art in the Twenty-First Century” was nominated for an Emmy award for Outstanding Artistic and Cultural Programming and is where we recommended starting off watching.

Screenshot of Art21 homepage on YouTube © Art 21 / YouTube

3. The Art Newspaper podcast on Spotify

Every week The Art Newspaper releases its podcast The Week in Art, which discusses art and its broader cultural context. A key resource for staying up to date on the latest art market developments worldwide, the podcast dissects trends, exhibitions and auctions with perspectives from art market experts. An engaging and entertaining podcast, The Art Newspaper is sure to both inform and inspire.

The Week in Art Podcast as appears on Spotify © The Art Newspaper / Spotify

4. Polly Staple (@polly.staple) on Instagram

Polly Staple is the Director of Collection for British Art at the Tate. Formerly Editor at Large of Frieze magazine and Director of Frieze Projects, Staple has extensive experience as a curator, writer and editor. Follow her Instagram account for insights into the exhibitions she is curating, the artists she is working with, and the themes that are important in contemporary art today.

Example of Instagram posts published by Polly Staple © Polly Staple / Instagram

5. The Museum of Modern Art on LinkedIn

The MoMA’s LinkedIn account will ensure you are up-to-date with the latest developments at one of the world’s most famous art museums. With posts on upcoming collaborations, exhibition updates and staff insights on key works you can discover the world of MoMa, as well as their events and marketing initiatives through their LinkedIn account.

The exterior façade of the Metropolitan Museum of Art © Unsplash

6. Art Forum (@artforum) on Instagram

The Art Forum is an American magazine and online platform which focuses on contemporary art and culture. They regularly publish news updates and reviews from the art world on their instagram account as well as highlighting the work of emerging artists. In addition, Artforum’s Instagram offers insights into the nuances of the art market, including trends and sales. A true asset for any artist or gallery!

Example of Instagram posts published by Art Forum © Art Forum / Instagram

7. ArtTactic Podcast on Spotify

Keep informed on the latest in market trends with the ArtTactic podcast. With an influential art market figure being interviewed every episode, this podcast is highly informative and relevant. Covering a range of topics from art marketing, investments, and start-ups, Art Tactic is a must for candid conversations about the facts and figures of the art market.

The ArtTactic Podcast on Spotify © The ArtTactic / Spotify

8. Nancy Spector (@nespector) on Instagram

Having held positions at the Guggenheim and Brooklyn Museums, Nancy Spector is an experienced curator. She uses her Instagram account as a visual record of key works from exhibitions around the world and studio visits with up-and-coming artists. Spector’s account is an excellent tool for remaining apprised on contemporary exhibitions and the discourse surrounding them.

Instagram feed of Nancy Spector's account © Nancy Spector / Instagram

These 8 accounts each provide valuable insights into the art market and the wider world of contemporary art. After following them, you will be able to draw inspiration on a variety of new and exciting ways to connect to your audience in a meaningful, engaging manner. What are your favorite accounts to follow?


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