7 Key Tips to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

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LinkedIn is the most effective social network for developing and maintaining professional relationships. Equally, it is an essential tool for galleries and artists to develop an industry presence and maintain relationships with peers. Furthermore, it is not only essential to have an account, but also to develop a strategy to gain visibility and reach a maximum number of people. Discover our top 7 tips for LinkedIn!

1. Focus on natural referencing (or SEO/Search Engine Optimization)

First of all, as with a website or any web page, it is important that your LinkedIn page appears as one of the top results that Google or LinkedIn suggests when a user searches for your gallery, or even more simply to buy art in general. The main factor in SEO success is dependent on the usage of keywords in your description, posts and interactions.

In nature of referencing rationale, Google and LinkedIn scan your page in order to determine the order in which you will appear in search results. If the content of your page responds in a positive manner to the scan, you will appear higher. This depends on the quality and quantity of your keywords, web links (between your LinkedIn profile, your gallery’s website and the frequency of your interactive content. By following these SEO practices, you will be more visible to potential customers.

2. Involve your employees in the project (employee advocacy)

In order to maximize the reach of your posts, that is to say the number of views, it is important that the maximum number of people repost your content. The first people who can do this are your employees and the people who support and appreciate your gallery or your work as an artist. On LinkedIn, just a like on a post from one user is enough for that post to appear in the feed of their connections. Although a like already grows your visibility, remember the algorithm prioritizes comments, and, above all, shares.  

In short, the smallest interaction with your post brings with it instant visibility. You should therefore ask your team to regularly share your posts and also count on your friends, loyal clients or partners to do the same. Don’t hesitate to tag your artists (identifying them in the post) so that they’re notified and more likely to share it. You can also challenge some of your subscribers in comments under your post, so that it creates discussion.

Generally, think to ask questions, even start debates, in order to create interaction. Don’t hesitate to share content published by other profiles (such as Artsper) to benefit from the success of an existing post. 

3. Post content regularly

In order to be favored by the algorithm it’s essential to post regularly. By maintaining a constant flux of new and fresh content on your page, you will give it the most visibility on others’ news feeds. This allows you to make your page more attractive to potential new followers. The worst thing to do? The appearance of your page being “dead” or abandoned, which creates a very negative impression.

4. Use hashtags 

Hashtags are characteristic keywords which reflect your content and are preceded by the “#” symbol, for example #ContemporaryArt. Use 3 to 5 relevant hashtags in your posts to reach new pertinent communities with your content. Always put yourself in the place of the user: which hashtag is the most likely to be typed into the search bar? Also, a # with the name of your gallery will generate little interest unless you are already very well known. In this case, it is wiser to include more generic hashtags, which will attract potential buyers, such as #BuyArt, #Artist #Sculpture or #StreetArt. 

Don’t hesitate to search them on LinkedIn before adding them to your post to check that the results are cohesive with your post.

Furthermore, when you associate your LinkedIn page with relevant hashtags in your Community Hashtags panel, you can enter the flow of content where these hashtags are present and react to and comment on conversations from your profile, further exposing your gallery to relevant new audiences.

Example of a post from the Galerie Perrotin, to announce an exhibition of Klara Kristalova

Example of a post from the Galerie Perrotin, to announce an exhibition of Klara Kristalova's work

5. Analyze your numbers to adapt your content

In order for your followers to share or interact with your content, it is important that the content speaks to them. If the content you post only interests a few of your followers, your rate of engagement will lower significantly. However, tools exist on LinkedIn to specifically avoid this!

As the administrator of your page, you can access a complete view of your analytics: demographic information about your followers and visitors, new followers, the rate of engagement of your posts. Use this information to determine what is working and what is not; then tailor your content to what your visitors are engaging with. If your followers are responding more to your English content than to your French content for example, it would be more appropriate to post in English. If your followers prefer videos to articles, post more video content and so forth. Don’t hesitate to test different things: languages, content style, publication timing, post length, tone of voice, images… The risks are minimal and you could be in for a pleasant surprise!

Example of statistics that can be found under a post

Example of statistics that can be found under a post

6. Share visual content and videos

Like the majority of social media, LinkedIn’s algorithm functions with a reward system. If you post the content that LinkedIn prefers, you will be favoured by the algorithm. In concrete terms, it is more challenging to post videos than text or an article, however this content is the most fun and the most user-friendly. LinkedIn’s algorithm therefore has a tendency to favor the most dynamic content (visual content, infographics, videos etc.).

You will therefore want your content to consist of numerous eye-catching visual elements. Unique images, and especially videos, stand out more on feeds, which helps your gallery or artist page get noticed. In particular, we’ve noticed that personalized image collages achieve the highest levels of engagement on the platform, so don’t hesitate to upload a series of photos from your last event!

7. Create an attractive LinkedIn page

Don’t hesitate to add an aesthetic element to your page. For example, use a banner, offer attractive visuals, and ensure an overall consistency. Admittedly LinkedIn isn’t Instagram, however a profile page that is attractive to look at is more likely to win over new followers. Make sure the cover page is visually appealing but still professional, as if it were your gallery front. Stand out from the crowd by showing your personality and those of your artists!

Front page of the Gagosian Gallery

Profile page of the Gagosian Gallery


Thanks to these 7 tips you have everything you need to quickly grow the number of people who see your posts, who interact with your page and, perhaps even, the number of opportunities!

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