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57 Minutes of inspiring TED talks about art

Three TED Talks you have to watch when you work in art

TED Talks invite professionals of technology, entertainment and design sectors to talk about a given topic in a few minutes. Some artists and actors of the art market participated in the experience and shared their philosophy of life often in a very personal way. Artsper selected the talks of two major artists of the contemporary art scene and one of the creator of the Google Art Project.

Performance art as seen by Marina Abramović

Figurehead of the artistic movement of performance art, Marina Abramović reveals the underside of her most iconic performances.

In front of a blinfolded audience, the voice of Marina Abramović guides the public of a conference that promises to be mesmerizing. The artist revisits two of her most publicized performances Rhythm 0 (1974) and The Artist is Present (2010). She then reveals the principle of her next work of art in which it is no longer her own body which is staged but the spectators', they then become actors of the performance.

Engaged urban art as seen by JR

As part of the TED Prize in 2011, one of the world's most coveted street artists has been selected to share his major project which success would only be possible with the support of the global community.

JR, now represented by the world's leading galleries still considers the city as "the best gallery". Armed with kilograms of paper and glue, he tells how he traveled the world for the very committed Inside Out Project. For several months, he invested the walls of Rio Favelas, bypasses the Indian censorship, questions the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and honors the place of women in poor countries societies.

Art at your fingertips as seen by Amit Sood

In less than 6 minutes, the director of the Google Cultural Institute and Art Project tells how he gives access to the largest museums in the world ... in a click.

Just type in Google Art Project in your search bar to access virtual tours of leading museums and national monuments such as the MoMA or the Hall of Mirrors at Versailles. Since July 12, 2016, the new version of the app is available for free on the App Store, to discover the artworks of more than 1,000 museums in 70 countries. The purpose of Amit Sood: make these cultural venues, and their thousands of artworks, visible to people who can't access them. An additional initiative to democratize art by using the (inexhaustible?) resources of new technologies.

These conferences are a short digest of inspiration for all, regardless of profession or field of activity. Unlimited access to with conferences classified by themes, is a fun and effective way to confront some issues, sometimes existential, and find an answer, always positive.

Kenza Zidi

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