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5 ways to get 2023 off to a successful start

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As the year draws to a close, it’s time to think about how to ensure success for 2023. So much has changed over the course of the past year as the market returns to its full pre-pandemic self, art fairs boom and social media becomes increasingly important in the marketing of art. Our specialists have put together five tips on how you, as a gallery or artist, can prepare for 2023 and get ahead of the curve.

1. Structure your calendar around the major art fairs

2022 has been the year of the art fair. Post-covid, with people willing to get out and buy art, fairs have retaken their place as key players in the buying and selling of art. To get ahead of the curve, plan your art fair calendar well in advance, whether they be local, national, or international. Make a note of the important events at each fair, and also the submission dates for featured work at the fairs. Get up to date with the artists and galleries to understand the general “mood” of the fair and where your work would best be showcased. Finally, plan your budgets accordingly in advance for any purchases you may wish to make.

Even if you can’t make it in person, don’t hesitate to get inspired by the fairs via our newsletters (left) or editorial content (right). ©

Why not align your marketing strategy according to the different fairs? Curate selections of works inspired by the artists and galleries exhibited, write articles on what to look out for at upcoming fairs, or include information about art fairs in your newsletter campaigns.

Artsper’s thematic collections take inspiration from the galleries and artists of specific fairs, giving customers a taste of the exhibition from the comfort of their own homes ©

2. Give a platform to the artists you represent

The art market is, at its core, a human industry. As such having an approachable, human presence on your social media, as well as transparency regarding the process of creation, exhibition and selling of art, is vital in maintaining a good social media image. As a gallery, why not give a platform to the artists you represent on your social media platforms? Post an Instagram Reel or TikTok of the artist process, or conduct video interviews with artists.

Xippas gallery conducts interviews with represented artists on their Instagram account, giving a platform to the featured artists, and allowing them to connect with a larger audience © Xippas (Instagram).

Our tips? Create a series of regular posts featuring at least one or two artists per month. Use Instagram-formatting apps such as Mojo to create aesthetically cohesive posts. Ask your artists if they already have existing content that they would be happy for you to repost on your page, minimizing the time spent on creation, but maximizing engagement. It’s a good idea to schedule your posts in advance, to avoid gaps in your publication schedule!

3. Get pinning!

Image-based Pinterest, even more so than Instagram, is a favorite of artists, galleries and art-lovers alike, and is a great way to spot trends, promote artists, and drive customers towards your page. So, how do you make the most of Pinterest as a marketing tool?

Post regularly, around 10 pins per week. Make sure the images are relevant to your artist / gallery identity, but also look for ways to incorporate trends into your posts. Using relevant, seasonal images and image tags results in a 22% higher sales lift. Finally, use videos as part of your Pinterest marketing strategy, you can even use ones that your artists have already made! Over one billion videos are watched on the app each day, allowing for elevated engagement figures.

On Pinterest, create curated themed boards to expose your works. © Gagosian (pinterest)

4. Define your client base

Tailoring your content to different audiences is paramount to your digital marketing success. Take advantage of the lull in the holiday season to take a look at your database. Is it up to date? Have you removed inactive accounts from your mailing list? Have new contacts been added to your target audience?

If not already the case, think about dividing up your audiences. For example, first-time buyers, regulars, VIP cstomers and partners. Once done, it’ll be easier to modify your marketing strategy accordingly.

Perhaps you want to send your new clients a selection of affordable works in the form of a gift guide, your business partners specific information about the benefits of leasing artwork, or your VIP clients exclusive offers. Whatever the audience, remember to track the performance of each campaign. Some customers may be more responsive than others, while others might not be worth it. Set aside some time each month for reporting in order to measure results and then modify the frequency and content of your campaigns accordingly.

A holiday-special gift guide newsletter for the general public (left), a newsletter directed towards professional clients © Artsper

5. Organize your collaborations well in advance

Partnering with brands, influencers, art market specialists and artists is a great way to grow your presence both within the market and beyond. This December, think about how you’re going to plan your “collaboration calendar” for the year ahead. It may be that you wish to partner in the form of a social media campaign, a newsletter, an in-person pop-up, or through interviews featured on your page. Contact as many relevant people as you can, it is always important to have backup options. And, as partnerships can often take a while to organize and execute, it is important to make sure that you have them planned and scheduled well-ahead of their publication date.

Be creative in your collaborations! Some examples of partnerships between Artsper and Bergamotte (co-organized pop-up store), Jiggy Puzzles (design collaboration) and Brooklyn Candle Studio (collaboration through Instagram posts).

Planning ahead…

Whether adjusting your marketing strategy, looking at external partnerships or changing the way you communicate with your customers, the new year brings with it a whole host of opportunities for galleries and artists. Why not take inspiration from one or two of these tips and take full advantage of the new year?


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