5 tools to help you get the word out about your vernissage

How to save time in the organisation of your vernissage

Do you usually make the invitation cards for your exhibitions, edit them and send them by the post… That takes long, is expensive, and it is not always efficient. Discover our selection of the best online tools to help you manage your invitations.

1. Facebook: create an event

It’s free, the most widely used social network in the world, allows you to announce your exhibition to your friends and it gives you access to a wider audience. You can follow up the participants and exchange with them, you could even revive latecomers .

The plus: It is simple to handle.

2. Paperless: the virtual invitation card

This service is paid, this online platform allows you to send an invitation to your potential buyers to invite them to your vernissage. This is a good compromise between a traditional paper invitation and a simple mail.

The plus: The originality of the concept and design

3. Eventbrite: a public event

This website, is available as a mobile application, it is paid, it gives you the possibility of creating an event online, to promote it, follow it up and to manage the tickets. You can modulate the confidentiality of your event, choose whether you want it to be public or private. The public events created are listed on the thematic section of the site. this way, curious art amateurs can find your event and why not become a potential buyer.

The plus: The access to a wider public

4. Dooliz: a guest manager

An online guest manager, which allows you to gather all the guest together on the same platform, follow the evolution of the answers and do real time reminders all this from a computer or a tablet. A private website available to the guests and the hosts to exchange information and pictures.

The plus: You can communicate with all your guests on the same platform

5. Artsper: emailing art galleries

The marketplace of contemporary art gives the opportunity to partner gallery owners who have a silver or gold membership, to use a specialized tool to send emails to the art galleries. They can send their invitations for free and in a simple way to all their contacts. They have the choice of using the document provided by Artsper or use their own.

All the partner gallery owners that have a paying subscription beneficiate from a system that highlights their exhibitions on the site of Artsper.

The plus: The tool is created for the gallery owners and adapted to their needs.

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