5 projects a gallerist can work on during the quarantine

Make that month as productive as it can be

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For galleries, the quarantine is undeniably a stressful time. Showrooms close for a few weeks in response to government announce. However, this period of closure doesn't have to be unproductive. The best way to go about it is to take advantage of the lull to work on new and long-term projects. Here are 5 things Artsper suggests you could work on this month.

1. Improve your digital communication strategy

Time is often lacking during the year to properly organise and embark on new social networks.

However, the increasing importance of an extensive and effective digital strategy has been proven today. Galleries need to have a regularly updated website and Facebook page. Instagram is equally key, in fact today it is the art world's leading social media network (Hiscox Report 2018. Your social media profiles should all be linked on your website (as shown in the exemple above) and, where ever possible you should link to your website and other platforms on each social media account.

During the quarantine, you can learn about the best practices galleries should adopt on the internet and work on improving your skills or strategy. Online visibility is key in today's world so we highly recommend you focus on this project!

2. Start selling art online

If are not already selling art online because of the lack of time or interest, why not get started and test now?

The online art sells continue to increase, and more and more galleries are joining third party sales websites. Some still fear the digital and the image that the online presence could give to a gallery, they prefer not to sell online without having even tested a platform. But a trial period would allow you to try out the platform and online sales and help you test a new vehicle of sales and visibility. On Artsper several of our satisfied galleries weren't necessarily fans of the online art market before their arrival but have changed their minds after they got to enjoy the advantages of the digital world and find new collectors online.

March and April are the perfect months for getting started. While it may be quiet in your gallery, online collectors still continue to search for and buy artworks.

3. Optimise your graphics and editorial support

Every so often it's a good idea to give your website and your images a bit of a refresh.

It can be comforting to resist change but it can also be important to adapt your image to the changing times. Take advantage of this months to rethink your website and visual identity if you haven't done so in a while. May is the perfect time for exciting announcements about any new transformations .

For example you can consider redesigning your website according to the current criteria: minimalist, responsive, with a readable font, a light background, quality images, simplicity of use and a range of content. Your e-mailing campaigns can be improved, as can your press releases and catalogues. Don't hesitate to hire a freelance graphic designer to refresh your corporate identity.

4. Take time to discover new talent

Take sometime this month to discover new talented artists if you have the time. Recently, Instagram has become a great way for finding new artists. You can also get a good indication of current trends by following major international galleries, important museums and curators.

By browsing your Instagram news feed during the quaratine you can stay on top of trends while working on other projetcs. This time away from the gallery allows you to have a more objective look and find ways of renewing your gallery.

5. Prepare exhibitions and fairs which have been postponed

Some Fairs are postponed in May and June allowing you to focus on planning of those art fairs or your next exhibitions.

Think about your strategy when it comes to exhibitions and art fairs. It might be a good idea to think about changing up which fairs you participate in especially if some haven't been as fruitful as you'd hoped. The market is constantly changing and we recommended you build your art fair strategy carefully and focus on quality over quantity.

You have more than a month to breathe new life into your gallery, from the graphic charter to your digital presence through your choice of artists and exhibitions, it's the ideal time to take a step back and optimize your strategies. Thus, you start a new dynamic, strong of the objective analysis of your gallery.

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