5 good reasons for sharing your Artsper page

Capitalise on your presence on Artsper

In a world increasingly governed by the internet and digital communication, recent communication vectors confirm their effectiveness in cultural and artistic fields. Indeed, new opportunities are popping up on the Internet and especially on social networks. Artists and galleries are heavily communicating online, allowing users to access their favourite artworks with one click. Today, communicating around your Artsper dedicated page is very effective of increasing your visibility and generating sales.

1. Your Artsper page provides an overview of your gallery catalogue

Your dedicated page on Artsper is a an additional widow onto the world. If you regularly update your artworks, the page becomes a representation of your available catalogue of artworks.

By providing a sufficient number of artworks from your catalogue, you offer your potential collectors a visually appealing and ordered insight of your artists' works. In addition to your website and your pages on social networks, we offer a bilingual showcase, accessible anywhere, anytime. Promoting your Artsper page also allows collectors to contact you directly and buy with one-click the artwork they just discovered or have seen in your gallery.

2. Expand brand awareness of your gallery and


The growing hyperconnexion increases the network effect of the Internet, allowing you to impose your brand on all your communication materials.

Artist Jo Di Bona redirects collectors interested in his works to his Artsper page when they click on "Acheter" (Shop)

By using the right tools on the right networks, you are sure to multiply visits to both your official website and your Artsper dedicated page. On Facebook, for example, some artists (see above) offer a direct link to our platform through the "Shop Now" button to allow their collectors to purchase directly purchase their works after discovering them on Facebook. By sharing your catalogue, both on your artists' pages and you gallery's, you multiply your chances of selling online. It is also highly advisable to provide a direct link to Artsper on your official website, allowing visitors to your site to find out the price of your works and additional information.

3. You nourish a proximity within a globalised art market

The internet undeniably brings international exposure that you need to capitalise on.

Leader in the European market, Artsper offers your gallery international visibility and recognition. Your artworks can be purchased by collectors around the world and thus expand your global presence. By communicating mostly in English on their networks, galleries and artists adapt to the globalisation of the art market, allowing them to be understood. French and other non-English speaking artists are increasingly recognised internationally thanks to their digital presence on which they rely heavily to bring together a community of collectors.

4. Collectors who use Artsper can follow your updates

The artworks that you add to your online catalogue are promoted by e-mail regularly, allowing users to follow you.

When one of the artists you represent creates and markets a new artwork, you can sell it on Artsper and thus automatically let your subscribers know about its sale. The artist may in turn notify their subscribers on social media by publishing a photograph of this exclusive artwork on their pages and redirect the users to our sales platform. The Artsper team does not hesitate to share the new artworks of the week and its favourite artworks and thereby promote your gallery artists on social networks.

Kenza Zidi

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