3 ways to improve the efficiency of your email campaigns

Create impacting and readable newsletters

The quality of an email campaign depends on its ability to attract the attention of subscribers. So that your newsletters stand out from the content of your email inbox and make sure they are read and appreciated by users, some practices are concluding.

By giving importance to the subjects of your emails

When a potential buyer signs up for your newsletter, you are not assured that the subscriber will open it. The creativity of the subject of your email determines its effectiveness and the open rate of your email campaign. An impacting subject encourage your subscribers to read your content.

For example, if your campaigns are in English, the use of terms such as "Big", "Biggest", "News", "Highlights", "Shakeups" encourage to click. Indeed, we are all receiving a growing number of newsletters and generally browse them in seconds, so it is important to quickly communicate the main information.

Also, locating your sendings in time and space encourage your subscribers to read them regularly and upon receipt. The use of time markers such as "this week", "next week", "Opening today," "The month of May at the gallery" helps you connect with the news.

By creating visually appealing campaigns

The graphics of your shipment should be uniform and perfectly faithful to your digital graphic. A minimalist and airy visual is always more fun to read for your subscribers than an abundance of texts and images.


A respected graphical charter allows readers to locate at a glance the issuer. It is therefore essential to insert a banner at the top, including the topic of your newsletter, the name and logo of your gallery. The color scheme must also resemble your communication media.

Finding a balance between images and text on your newsletters, also makes them more readable. The attention of your readers will first go to the images while inviting them to read the text attached to it. These should be brief, informative and clear. They may include links to your website to access more complete content that your subscribers will have had an overview on the newsletter.

By adapting to digital media

In view of the growing role played by mobile phones in our personal and professional life, it is not surprising that users increasingly open the newsletters they receive on mobile or tablet rather than on a computer.

Thus it is essential to adapt your content to various reading materials. To do this, simply create responsive email campaigns to see the contents of your newsletters ideally arranged according to the media on which the email is opened. Indeed, your subscribers could easily close a newsletter which is not suitable if it is difficult to read on mobile.

Kenza Zidi

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