3 Social networks dedicated to artists and the art market

Community of art professionals, artists and aficionados

Now that the impact of social networks on cultural industries is undeniable, networks exclusively dedicated to the arts are developing. The mutation of creatives' blogs have seen communities hatching on different platforms, allowing artists and enthusiasts to share and collaborate. Also, since last June, a web platform for professionals from the art world is accessible to all in its trial version.

1. theArtStack.com

"Discover the world's art online. We believe the best way to discover art is through people - create your online collection and see more art through friends".

Since 2012, Artstack founders aim to bring together the visual arts community in a purely social way. It is a tool to discover artworks with a social element borrowed from traditional social networks. On Artstack you can create your personal space where you "stack" artworks that inspire you. The web platform, coupled with a mobile application also allows you to follow other users. You can "restack" artworks just as you can retweet, repost and share on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

The special feature of this network is that it brings together an exclusively artistic community. Users are targeted and involved in the community in which we find curators, collectors, artists, art critics or amateurs. The platform enables in some ways to create your virtual collection on Artstack. We are all becoming virtual collectors.

2. Art on Pinterest

"All the most amazing art and artists, from old work to new masters-discovered around the web by art-appreciators just like yourself."

Pinterest has become the alternative to Google Images for some creative and people sensitive to beautiful images. It is a network based mainly on discovering images and sharing them. The principle is simple, each user creates his/her account with thematic selections of images. We can then add as many images as wanted after having discover them by simple search or from another account.

Network of inspiration and discoveries, Pinterest offers in addition to fashion, design or quotes some tabs and profils dedicated to arts photography and illustration. Many artists exhibit their creations, which users can find by using keywords and users pages. Art galleries also create their profile on the network and share their artworks, exhibitions views and inspirations.

3. Art, Frankly;

"A platform for the global arts community to seek and post jobs, find spaces and discover other opportunities while building your professional presence."

ArtFrankly is the new professional platform that exclusively brings together professionnals of the arts. Three types of profiles are included: art professionals, institutions and service providers can then use ArtFrankly which is none other than the "LinkedIn of the arts."

This platform allows you to share offers and job applications and thereby develop your professional network. The website is only available for the moment in its beta version. However, you can create your professional account and add your information until the additional features are available to all.

Artsper recommends using each of these networks depending on the time you spend online. The professional network ArtFrankly must be followed by loan, the platform can replace the job and internship offers you post on other networks. It is also advisable to create a Pinterest account to your gallery because it brings visibility and is a fun and easy to use tool. Finally, Artstack can help discover young talents that you represent and follow the emerging artistic trends.

Kenza Zidi

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