3 Reasons to be present on Social Media

Why your gallery needs to switch to social media.

You think social media is useless? Don’t be fooled. Artsper gives you 3 reasons to jump on the social media bandwagon.

To reach thousands of art amateurs

Internet has become the first source to increase awareness of art, in front of museums, galleries or fairs and salons by 36%*. An active presence on social media can allow you to reach an endless pool of people who share the same interest as yours for art throughout the world. Facebook alone counts 31 millions users in France.

Whatever the age, 31% of art collectors* state that they are influenced by social media when buying an artwork. To get involved on social media means preparing the future by speaking to the generation of tomorrow’s collectors: 52% of adults aged 25 to 34 are inclined to buy art online*, 34% of them inform themselves on social media*.

To extend the gallery experience online

Social media provides you with an array of solutions that allow you to share any information in different forms: text, images, sound files, videos, can be exploited at will and considerably ease your tasks: artist biography, presentation of his or her artistic process, placing the artwork in a situational context.

The possibilities are various and will allow you to extend your gallery experience online, by sharing a unique content that can all at once:

  • attract new collectors who will be drawn by what you publish (which must reflect the perception you have of your gallery),

  • and rally your current collectors by allowing them to follow you on social media more regularly than they come to your gallery.

To trigger more sales

The web is a powerful tool for generating visibility and consequently, notoriety. Its role in everyday life has modeled new behaviors that it is crucial to consider, namely our relationship to information: we are at once flooded with and in search of information. 8 people out of 10 check a place out on Internet before going there or not to avoid unnecessary trips. The first impression you make is therefore very important, and your absence can risk being disqualifying.

Social media will allow you to increase the number of contacts your gallery has while giving you a better knowledge of your audience, in keeping them up to date with your news (show openings, new artworks, artists…). It is an opportunity to lead to new sales!

Furthermore, digital media is not cut from any form of reality: it drives to concrete actions; from checking information online to coming to the shop, for instance.

80% of those who were surveyed expressed an interest for art*. Do you realize that means that 8 out of 10 people could stop in front of your gallery? All they are waiting for is a picture, a video, a word from you, perhaps posted on social media.

* The Invaluable’s survey, whose facts and figures were used previously, was conducted in March 2016 with more than 4,500 people aged over 18 years old.

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