10 Inspiring Gallery Websites for 2021

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As the global pandemic continues, it’s important now more than ever to focus the development of your gallery on digital. To do so, it is essential to have an aesthetic and functional website. However, knowing what you want is not that easy, let alone achieving it. Fill up on great ideas and tips with our compilation of 10 inspiring gallery websites; a valuable list to refine your project and support your own online growth thanks to intuitive web design.

1. PACE Gallery

PACE Gallery's website homepage

As a gallery, new technological advances allow you to professionalize and strengthen your communication strategy. A digital presence is a valuable asset to promote the works and artists of your gallery and the Pace Gallery has it down! Pace relies on a clean and elegant website, which seamlessly brings together the major artists of the 20th and 21st centuries. The site perfectly frames the ambiance and notoriety of the eight Pace Galleries, scattered around the globe. Consider creating a common website when you plan to internationalize, to ensure the consistency and uniqueness of your gallery.

2. Perrotin Gallery

Perrotin Gallery's website homepage

If you’re looking to be inspired by a professional, clear and efficient site, Galerie Perrotin, a partner of Artsper, is the perfect example. This world-renowned gallery has one of the most beautiful sites because the home page has the impression of entering 76 rue de Turenne. The slider highlights the current exhibitions in the various spaces of the gallery, from Paris to Shanghai and Seoul. Large HD photos of exhibitions, list of partner artists, upcoming events, calendar of fairs, archives… The site is complete and intuitive, which makes you want to visit it regularly.

3. Gallarty

Gallarty's website homepage

Gallarty, a gallery created by women for women, has a very nice website. The homepage highlights a work selected from the gallery's catalog, a simple and effective way to immediately give visitors a glimpse of your style! Other points to emphasize: the eclectic portfolio of artists and the list of upcoming exhibitions are easily accessible thanks to a clear layout ... Finally, a chatbot invites visitors to interact with the gallery. All of this contributes to the image and the very message that the creators wished to share. In a world that is too masculine and exclusive it is important to promote and celebrate female-identifying artists across the world. The works presented by Gallarty are also available on Artsper.


SHKRET's website homepage

Maxim Shkret is a visual artist who has worked with many companies as a digital designer. Today he has created his own online gallery, Shkret, with the objective to sell digital images to finance sculptures that will be made using 3D printers. The site is extremely easy to use and clear. Navigation is fluid and intuitive. Visually, we realize that behind this platform is a well-established digital artist. Few sites in the art world today manage to provide pleasure when browsing, and Shkret is one of them. An inspiring example to remember!

5. Petzel Gallery

Petzel Gallery's website homepage

The Friedrich Petzel Gallery in New York features works by internationally renowned artists and is also committed to providing an expert and accessible website. The secret ? Extensive accessibility options, balanced by a simple, easily readable and comprehensive home page. The top of the page is occupied by a carousel of impressive works and exhibits, which reinforce the upscale side of the gallery. In general, remember that the most effective websites feature large, neat visuals of works of art in your gallery. These are all the more highlighted if they are accompanied by a minimalist layout.

6. Sophie Hustin

Sophie Hustin's website homepage

Artist Sophie Hustin, whose works are available on Artsper, has her own website where she exhibits her work. Her work can be felt at a glance in the aesthetic she gave to her web page. Everything is coherent, at the same time dark, fluid and deep… The site appears simple at first, until the surprising works of Sophie Hustin appear. On the left, painting coexists with sculpture on the right. It is possible to zoom in on each image, which gives a very neat, creative and complete portfolio rendering. The visitor is completely immersed in the artist's universe, while having the time and the leisure to look at each work attentively.

7. ArtCN

ArtCN's website homepage

Head to China with a must-see gallery of the Shanghai art scene, ArtCN! It showcases a selection of international works as well as popular local artists, both emerging and established. The site perfectly reflects the ambience and vision of the gallery. The visitor immediately becomes aware of the richness of the program through the past and current exhibitions, as well as the partner artists. The modernity and avant-garde of the rich culture of Shanghai shines through the ArtCN site.

8. A Gentil Carioca

A Gentil Carioca's website homepage

If you want to give your site an exotic and warm atmosphere, turn to A Gentil Carioca for inspiration. This Brazilian gallery, located in Rio de Janeiro, offers a slightly different and offbeat image compared to classic codes. Thanks to original image formats, and small emotional messages (for example: In home office, but we still together! ♥), the site feels like an established diversion from classic galleries in a warm, inviting manor. A Gentil Carioca has a catalog mainly composed of talented South American artists, mixing contemporary and traditional art. This mix can also be seen on the gallery's website, which also offers viewing rooms with interesting videos to explore.

9. Loft

Loft's website homepage

The famous Parisian gallery Loft has developed an attractive and comprehensive site with a resolutely modern aesthetic. The gallery has chosen to present many artists from the Asian art scene and you can feel it when the first page opens on the occasion of the Lunar New Year. The variety of artists and works on Loft offers endless possibilities when browsing their site, while maintaining smooth navigation.

10. Schönfeld

Schönfeld's website homepage

The Belgian Schönfeld gallery, the leader of Brussels galleries, offers a simple and powerful site. It is all about simplicity, with a homepage presenting only the menu and the current exhibition. The minimal display allows visitors to have direct access to the information they need, with just one click and without wasting time. This is also a tip to remember if you too want to highlight little information on your site without giving it a "temporary" effect. When in doubt, simplicity is always a good option! The Schönfeld gallery however succeeds in mixing visual minimalism and maximum experience, by offering a virtual visit. This is a real advantage that few institutions use and thus a significant differentiator for your gallery. To strengthen its visibility, the Schönfeld gallery has also chosen to exhibit its works on Artsper.

What to remember?

In conclusion, it is obvious that having a site is essential today for a gallery. It legitimizes your existence with the public, allows them easy access to all the information about you and offers great visibility to your artists. It is all the more beneficial when this site has an atmosphere and identity of your gallery. In order not to rush things, the structure of your website must be thought out before its realization. But it is not always easy to embark on such a project ...

To benefit from a quality online showcase now and develop your sales, Artsper offers all its partner galleries a dedicated personal online space as well as the possibility of organizing your own digital exhibitions. So, are you ready to go?

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